27 07, 2016

UBI Global announces new partnership with CBIA in Taiwan

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  STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - UBI Global has launched a new local partnership with CBIA (Chinese Business Incubation Association), based in Taipei, Taiwan.  As part of the company mission to help [...]

25 05, 2016

[Webinar Series] Incubator-Corporation Partnerships: Success Stories

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  On May 31st, UBI Global will host a webinar with speakers from 2 of our top performing incubators: Eric Broekhuizen from HighTech XL (Netherlands) and Eamonn Sayers from the [...]

31 03, 2016

[Webinar Series] Opportunities and challenges of incubator- corporation partnerships

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On February 25th, UBI Global hosted a webinar with speakers from 3 of the most prominent incubators across the globe: Simon Bond from SETSquared (UK), Abdullah Snobar from DMZ (CA) [...]

8 12, 2015

The University Associated Business Incubation Landscape

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This week we are pleased to present insights on University Associated Business Incubation landscape. Overview Our University Associated Business Incubation landscape is made up of 69 incubators, each with an [...]

17 11, 2015

UBI Global Incubator Category Definitions: Are you an UBI or an UABI?

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Here at UBI Global we realize that every business incubator is different from the next and in order for us to conduct our research and provide the most accurate rankings and benchmarks possible, we have the difficult task of assigning every incubator a category or group.

17 11, 2015

Insights on Africa: The African Business Incubation Landscape

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Our African business incubation landscape is made up of 19 incubators, each with an average yearly operations budget of $335.5K, which equates to nearly $6.4M annually for the region. With regards to sector focus, over one third (42%) of Africa’s business incubators are concentrated on ICT, whilst Non-specialized incubation programmes are the second biggest focus. The third biggest sector in the African business landscape is Cleantech (16%). A further 11% are focused on Biotech. No incubators on UBI Global’s sample of Arican business incubators are focused of Life sciences. Incubators focused on Social/Environment and Other have a small but equal share of sector focus with 5% each.

16 11, 2015

UBI Global at SOCAP15

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"Benchmarking can help us understand best practices across social incubators and, in turn, help us make them better and create more jobs. Establishing a benchmark also enables the surfacing and sharing of data-driven best practices in order to catalyze a network of incubators for social innovation".

4 11, 2015

La Panorama de Incubadoras de Empresas Latinoamericanas

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Esta semana estamos complacidos de presentarles los insights de América Latina, la segunda región más grande del UBI Global Benchmark en términos de tamaño de la muestra.

4 11, 2015

Insights on Latin America: The Latin American Business incubation Landscape

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This week we are pleased to present insights on Latin America, the second largest region UBI Global benchmarks in terms of sample size.

30 10, 2015

Insights on North America: North American Business Incubation Landscape

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With regards to sector focus, nearly half (42%) of North America’s business incubators are concentrated on social environment. The second biggest focus (27%) is on ICT. The category known as “Other” makes up North America’s third largest sector focus with 15%. These are incubators that have a niche focus such as ventures focusing towards the computer and video game industry. Not one North American incubator in our sample is focused on Biotech. The remaining sectors have a small but almost equal focus on Cleantech (7%), Life Sciences (8%) apart from Non Specialised incubators which make up just (2%) of the North American landscape sample.