Results & Rankings From The World Benchmark Study 2017 - 2018
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Apr 18 Best Practices 2018: The partnership between universities and startups; behind the scenes of top university-linked incubators

Business incubators and accelerators can be linked to universities in different ways including direct management, affiliation or collaboration. What resources do these relationships with universities bring to the programs they are involved with? How are the top programs using these resources?

Feb 23 Ranking: Top Business Incubator – Managed by University – 2017/2018

Feb 23 Ranking: Top Business Incubator – Affiliated with University – 2017/2018

Feb 23 Ranking: Top Business Incubator – Collaborating with University – 2017/2018

Feb 23 Ranking: Top Business Accelerator – Linked to University – 2017/2018

Feb 23 Awards: Most Promising & Top Challengers – 2017/2018

Feb 23 REVEALED! The World’s Top University-linked Business Incubators & Accelerators 17/18

Feb 11 The World’s Top Performing Incubation Programs Revealed Feb 22, 2018

UBI Global Presents the World Top University-linked Business Incubator and Accelerator Rankings in Toronto, Canada. TORONTO, CANADA, February 22, 2018 – UBI Global, the Stockholm-based research and advisory firm known for its regional and global studies that map and evaluate the world of business incubation, will release its biyearly rankings at the World Incubation Summit 2018 […]

Nov 17 4 Steps to develop a startup / corporate accelerator collaboration

Corporate accelerators are a link between corporations and startup companies that provide benefits to both sides. Corporations who participate in business accelerators gain new, exciting innovation, growth within their market, new market opportunities and a rejuvenation of their company culture thanks to the startup collaboration. Startups, in turn, receive resources to drive their company forward, […]

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