Results & Rankings From The World Benchmark Study 2017 - 2018
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The TOP 5 incubation stories from UBI Global. May 2017

Jun 04 UBI 5 top stories from the global incubation ecosystem – May 2017

Here are our editors pick for the top 5 incubation stories that left their mark in our ecosystem  – MAY 2017 –   UBI Global welcomes Indian incubators to the World Benchmark Study 2017-2018 These Indian programs have been accepted to the #WBS1718   * Centre for incubation & business acceleration * Innovation and Incubation Centre – IIC PDPU * […]

Incubators Kenya

Jun 02 Country Ambassador Program – Insights from Kenya

The UBI Global Country Ambassador Program (CAP) provides business incubators and accelerators the unique opportunity to understand, explore, and visualize the state and impact of their country’s incubation ecosystem in a more efficient way.   Ambassadors are local experts representing and connecting their ecosystem in order to: Share global incubation best practices and insights Increase […]

May 17 Country Ambassador Program. Learn Globally, Improve Locally

Business incubators and accelerators operate in different, complex, and rapidly evolving ecosystems. To keep up with is essential to work closely with the professionals that know their own ecosystem the best. This is why at UBI we created the UBI Global Country Ambassador Program.   …How to reach these local experts? UBI Global have you covered!   […]

May 12 Apply for TITAN, Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena

UBI Global would like to share this opportunity, offered by Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena, to tech startups and companies that want to enter the Asian market and scale their business globally. Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena (TITAN) is a flagship project supported by Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology. TITAN aims to boost the […]

The TOP 5 incubation stories from UBI Global. April 2017

May 05 UBI 5 top stories from the global incubation ecosystem – April 2017

Here are our editors pick for the top 5 incubation stories that left their mark in our ecosystem  – APRIL 2017 –

May 02 #WBS1718 – Highest represented countries.. so far

The UBI World Benchmark Study 2017 – 2018 (#WBS1718) is underway and we’ve now passed the halfway mark on the assessment period. UBI is amazed of the international turnaround! We are proud to share that so far 207 INCUBATORS and 138 ACCELERATORS, from 53 countries and representing 381 Universities, have applied to join the world’s most comprehensive benchmark […]

Incubators benchmark

Mar 07 Why Incubators and Accelerators benchmark themselves

Benchmarking is a process that allows organizations to improve upon existing ideas. This is important because it allows organizations to learn from their peers within the industry. A business incubator can learn how to improve their program by learning from other incubation program’s experiences. By benchmarking you set a baseline allowing you to recognize if […]


We believe that the best way to be part of the booming tech scene is by meeting those who are behind it. We organized a tour for the Future Talent Summit attendees to show them a little of the exciting Stockholm Tech Scene. On June 29th, we visited some of the best creative spaces & […]

Jul 27 UBI Global announces new partnership with CBIA in Taiwan

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – UBI Global has launched a new local partnership with CBIA (Chinese Business Incubation Association), based in Taipei, Taiwan.  As part of the company mission to help business incubators become more efficient and competitive, UBI Global aims to strengthen bonds with CBIA and the Taiwanese incubation ecosystem.

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