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UBI Global is a Swedish-based research and advisory firm that connects the world's best performing business incubators with innovative multinational corporations. Since 2013, the company identifies top performing university business incubators and accelerators with the world's most comprehensive benchmark and rankings where more than 600 incubation programs from over 70 countries have participated in. For more information, visit

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Russia’s tech infrastructure scrutinized by international agency

16 December 2016

UBI Global, an international research firm based in Stockholm, evaluated 72 incubator and accelerator programs established by Russian universities. How do the Russians differ from their international counterparts?

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Social Incubators Can Help Change the World

01 December 2016

Cisco is partnering with UBI Global, a thought leader in performance analysis of business incubators, to measure the impact of social incubators in the United States. Social incubators play a critical role in supporting entrepreneurs and global problem solvers to drive economic transformation through job creation..//..

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INCUBIO Listed Among Best Incubators in Europe

16 November 2016

“We are delighted to announce that we have been listed among the best business incubators in Europe from UBI Global. Specifically, Incubio was named the 4th Top University Associated Business Incubator in Europe, a prize bestowed to us during the UBI Awards in Turin, Italy on October 26, 2015.”..//..

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How to incubate job creation in universities: India must adapt global models to meet its needs

19 October 2016

The economic development of any country is dependent upon the mindset of its people. Re-emergence of India as a global economic power is directly linked to the creation of an army of job-creators..//..  

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Academia develops technology to boost entrepreneurial talents

08 March 2016

WomenIN is one of several projects emerging from academia to help would-be entrepreneurs. It is backed by the Purdue Foundry, which helps students, faculty and alumni at the eponymous university to monetise ideas..//..

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SETsquared: does it have the key to incubator success?

11 February 2016

Plenty of universities say that they provide space for start-ups to commercialise their discoveries. But SETsquared, which is run by the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey, appears to have the numbers to back up its claims of success..//..

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Wanted: a generation of global problem solvers

17 January 2016

Today, according to UBI Global, there are as many as 4,400 university incubator-related programs around the world, on average creating 350 jobs a year. But there are an estimated 22,000 universities, meaning that only 15-20 percent of universities have incubator programs. What would happen if we connected those incubators together in a virtual network to […]

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iDealMachine became the leader of the world rankings of the best start-up accelerators and incubators UBI Global

01 December 2015

Venture fund and startup accelerator iDealMachine, which works on the basis of ITMO University, ranked fifth in the world’s top accelerator cooperating with universities, according to the company UBI Global. Ranking leader in performance analysis of business incubators and startup accelerator based on monitoring innovation organizations in 1300 to 70 countries in six major regions […]

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26 November 2015

Ireland’s NDRC was ranked the No 2 university business accelerator in the world at the prestigious UBI Awards in London last night, providing further confirmation of the central place the Dublin based organisation maintains in the global innovation ecosystem. Established in 2007, NDRC invests in and works with entrepreneurs and startup teams to deliver digital […]

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