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World Benchmark Study Now Closed
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Why become a member?

UBI Global membership services are tailored for university-linked business incubators and accelerators that seeks to become more efficient and competitive

Performance Benchmarking

We provide comprehensive data driven research analysis of business incubation performance based on research from over 600 incubators around the world

Incubation Rankings

We identify and give recognition to the best incubators & accelerators in the world who can then leverage this information to grow, gain funding and increase visibility

International Networking

We connect incubator managers with their international peers. Not just online. We understand the power of offline events, which is why we go on World Tours

Corporate Partnerships

We connect incubators & accelerators with the most innovative multinational corporations, creating a win-win-win for startups, incubators, and corporations

OPEN - World's Most Comprehensive Benchmark Study

The UBI World Benchmark Study 2017 - 2018, sponsored by Cisco, is now officially open. We welcome university-linked business incubators and accelerators to apply in order to benchmark themselves against the best-performing programs from over 70 countries. The benchmark is officially open until June 9, 2017.

Apply to the study

Benchmark features

The benchmark assessment provides invaluable tools & insights to your program

Scorecard Infographics

All members receive an individual scorecard infographics report on their benchmark performance

Category Comparisons

Availability to compare your performance against global, regional, country, sector and other category averages

Sector Matchmaking

Your startup portfolio profile will be matched with similar international program's profile for cross-border exchange

Powerpoint Slidedeck

Paid feature: 40+ slides with in-depth research analysis and insights on your strengths and area for development

Live Presentation

Paid feature: Your performance results presented in an interactive meeting to you, your team and/or your board


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Why should we become a UBI Global Member?

To become more competitive and efficient! We help you to assess your performance so that you can answer the question "How well are you doing in comparison to ___ ?". We also connect you with your international peers, highlight you and your startups to multinational corporations, and give recognition if you are among the best-in-class.

What are the main differences between paid vs. free membership level?

We provide a more in-depth access to data, insights and research analysis on your benchmark performance. Outside of different discounts, we also prioritize paying members for events and conferences, service releases, and program promotion to multinational corporations.

For how long is a membership valid?

As a standard member, upon acceptance, you will be signed up for two years without having to apply again. Paying members are requested to sign up for two years and are billed annually. You are welcome to upgrade at any given time.

Can we become a member without participating in any benchmark studies?

Yes of course. But your membership journey will not be as efficient as if you would have participated. Many of the insights, best practices and events will be connected to the different studies where you will gain more in-depth knowledge upon participation.

Future membership releases

We have exciting updates lined up to level up your experience with us

UBI Access™

A new digital platform and incubation program tool that will enable amazing visualization and understanding of your performance data as well as connect you with your peers from all over the world.

UBI Spotlight™

A directory database. You will gain access to the descriptive part of our data, explore our network, and be able to promote your program and your startups to the world.

UBI Classroom™

An educational hub. You will be able to receive insights and learn about international best practices in an interactive way. We will provide you with full access to incubation reports, publications, white papers and other educational materials.

Corporate <> Incubator Interactions

We want to bring you and your startups closer to the world's most innovative multinational corporations. That is why we'll arrange numerous interactive activities to make this happen worldwide.

Extensive Startup Promotions

Your startups are your asset and we want to help increase the value of your asset! We aim to start promoting the most promising startups to prospecting international partners.

Country & Regional Events

UBI World Tour will start in 2018 where we aim to bring our network closer to you. With workshops, seminars, presentations and corporate interactions - we hope to engage even further with you and your team.

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