Four Simple Steps

To Benchmark Your Incubation Program 2015


Submit your application via our website during March – April


Send the application via our website or email us during January – April to join the Global Benchmark 2015


Get assessed for eligibility to participate


Our assessment team will contact you for a 30-minute call to see if your incubation program is eligible to join the Global Benchmark 2015

Benchmark Survey

Complete the Official Benchmark Survey within two weeks

Benchmark Survey

After acceptance you will have two weeks to complete and submit your response. A select sample of the incubators will be asked for in-depth interviews in April


The result will be presented through a video conference


The incubator’s benchmark performance will be presented through a 30-minute video conference

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Global Benchmark 2015 – Application

Old & new programs are obliged to apply for participation
Apply and receive a Top Case from the Global Benchmark 2014

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Download the Application form (available in PDF):

Available Ranking Categories 2015



What will you be benchmarked on ?

In our unique assessment methodology we recognize top performing incubators in the world. By applying to the Global Benchmark 2015 you are on your way of being part of an exclusive group of top incubators.

Eligible incubators are assessed on:

Value created for your Ecosystem

  • Economy enhancement capability
  • Talent retention

Value created for your Clients

  • Competence development
  • Access to funds
  • Access to network

Your Attractiveness

  • Incubator offer
  • Post incubation performance

What will you receive ?

All participants will – free of charge – receive the following:

  • Opportunity to get recognized as a top performing incubator in the world
  • Benchmark performance visualized in a beautifully designed and intuitive scorecard infographics
  • Executive Summary of the Global Benchmark 2015 report
  • A 30 minute personalized video presentation about their performance regionally and globally
  • Certificate of Participation for completing and conducting the UBI Global Benchmark

Time line 2015

What are the benefits ?

Used primarily by incubator managers to manage external funding

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should an incubator benchmark?

There are several reasons, a few are:

  • To learn best practices on the world’s leading University Business Incubators
  • To find out how new companies are getting created by the next generation of entrepreneurs
  • To recognize top university incubators in the world
Who are eligible to participate?
All business incubators that are somehow affiliated or works closely with a university. See our eligibility page to learn more.
Does it cost anything to participate?
Participation is and will always be FREE. We recommend all incubators to join the UBI Network for discounts, updates, insights & events. You are welcome to join here: > Click to join
What will a participating incubator get after the benchmark?
All participants will receive their own scorecard infographic benchmark together with a copy of an extensive summary of the Global Benchmark 2015 report, for FREE. Top incubators will also be invited to regional and global release events for recognition opportunities in the Fall of 2015.
Why do everyone receive different deadlines for completing the survey?
Our operations team has to work with more than 500 incubators from 70 countries. In order to be able to run the operations smoothly, we have to divide that into “batches” to work with. Everyone will have approximately two weeks to complete their survey.
When do you open the survey and data collection?
March 9, 2015
How will you conduct the benchmark?
All eligible incubators will be asked to fill out an online survey which will take approximately 1 hour. The answers will be sent back sorted in order for the incubator to confirm and validate its accurateness. After initial analysis UBI Index will contact top performing incubators to setup a semistructured interview. Data analysis and case studies will be conducted during Spring 2015.
How can our incubator preare?

Grab a copy of the Top University Business Incubator – Global Benchmark 2014 & Best Practices at Top University Business Incubators reports. Prepare yourself and learn more about the key performance indicators that are going to be measured.

> Prepare your incubator

When will the Global Top Lists of 2015 be released?
In the Fall of 2015
What do I do if I don’t make it to the deadline?
Let us know! We understand that you might have to dig up loads of paper to gather the data for the survey. Please just let us know if you need more time to complete the survey. However, we do have a deadline (a very important one) for incubators that want to be included in the year’s Rankings. If you miss that one, we are sorry that you will not be included in the Rankings that year.