Top University Business Incubators – Global Benchmark 14/15

This Global Benchmark Report 14/15 closely examines more than 300 business incubators in 67 countries

Top University Business Incubators - Global Benchmark 14/15

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  • Published: 15 August 2014
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Top University Business Incubators – Global Benchmark 14/15

Whether you are a university managed, affiliated or non-affiliated incubator or accelerator UBI Global’s comprehensively unmatched 2014/15 Global Benchmark Report gives you an in depth insight look in to the best practices and trends in incubation today and allows you to learn and take insights from those incubators that are trailblazing the industry.

A well structured and resourceful incubation program will always have a positive effect on its ecosystem and create waves of flourishing startups, but not all incubators achieve these desired results. So what separates average incubators from the top performing incubators in the world?

As business incubators and accelerators become more commonplace worldwide, incubation impact and assessment must become a global matter of interest but currently very few others have taken the time to really look at and study in any great depth what defines a top incubator.

The Global Benchmark 2014/15 report closely examines 300 business incubators in 67 countries to determine the qualities that make top incubators out perform their counterparts not only in their specific geographic regions but also on a global and sector specific levels. The 2014/15 Global Benchmark allows you to use these insights and learn the most important Key Performance Indicators and help you to implement these best practices inside your incubator.

The Incubator Benchmark Scorecard is also included in within Global Benchmark 2014/15 and can be used to guide you on how your incubator compares to others on a wide range of data points and over 60 KPI’s, so you can recognise weaknesses and improve performance.

You will find key figures about the performance of each featured incubator and the secrets and tips behind their success, as well as exclusive interviews with the directors and CEOs of these world-leading incubators.

Compare your incubator with others in your country and region or see where you rank against other incubators globally in relation to your incubators sector focus, there are 5 sectors to choose from and 7 regions from which to build comparisons.

Sector focus:

  • ICT (Web, Mobile, etc.)
  • Biotech
  • Life Sciences
  • Cleantech
  • Non-specialized (mix-use)
An example of just some of the KPIs we assess incubators with:

  • Sector focus
  • Yearly operational budget
  • Number of employees
  • Average submissions received per year & average accepted submission per year
  • Duration of incubation program
  • Available funding from all sources
  • Size of investor network
  • Number of events organized
  • Number of partners
  • Number of sponsors
  • Background of coaches & mentor

The UBI Global Benchmark Framework will allow you measure your incubators performance and the impact it is having on its ecosystem. The value of this is that after you measure the economic impact your incubator is generating with its activities you can prove to others its importance in your ecosystem in the formation of such thing as creating jobs and retaining talent.

Incubators are divided and arranged by being put into one of three categories allowing you to easily compare your incubator to others in the relevant category.

These categories are:

Category 1 – University managed (majorly operated by the university)
Category 2 – University affiliated (not managed by the university but has a formal affiliation with the university)
Category 3 – University non-affiliation (works closely with the university but has no formal affiliation with any university)

Definitions & Methodology

  • Definition
  • Ranking Methodology
  • Two Ranking Categories Of University Business Incubators
  • Difference Between Ranking And Benchmarking

Sample & Landscape

  • Regions
  • Phases
  • Sectors
  • Incubator Location
  • Seed Fund
  • Incubator Operational Budget
  • Average Duration Of Incubation
  • Average Age
  • Client Enrollment


  • UBI Global Top 25
  • UABI Global Top 10
  • UBI Europe Top 10
  • UBI North America Top 10
  • UBI South America Top 10
  • UBI Asia & Oceania Top 10
  • UBI Most Promising Africa

General Benchmark

  • Global Score
  • Applications
  • VC or Angel Funding
  • Surviving & Growing
  • Cost Of Jobs

Benchmark Analysis

  • Benchmark Summary
  • Key Takeaways
  • Value For Ecosystem
  • Value For Clients
  • Attractiveness
  • Key Takeaways
  • Ranking
  • Participating Universities

Top Incubator Studies

  • Rice Alliance For Technology And Entrepreneurship
  • Youngstown Business Incubator
  • Bic Montpelleier Agglomération
  • Ryerson Digital Media Zone
  • Incuba UC
  • Uppsala Innovation Centre


  • Featured Incubators
  • Featured Managers
  • Incubator Directory
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Asia + Oceania
  • Europe


  • Benchmark Scorecard 2014:
    Rice Alliance For Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Benchmark Scorecard 2014:
    Youngstown Business Incubator

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Dhruv Bhatli

Co-founder, UBI Global

Dhruv is an author, entrepreneur and researcher with deep interest in improving entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world. He spearheads the research and product development at UBI Global. He is also the author of “Top University Business Incubators – Global Benchmark 2013” and numerous research papers for internationally reputed journals. Concurrently he teaches at management programs of numerous European business schools

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The scorecard clearly shows our strengths, our weaknesses and areas to improve. It really provides us good insights to develop our incubator strategy.

Simon Bond
Director, SETsquared

We loved the way it was designed. It clearly told us exactly what to do to increase our value for our entrepreneurs and for our entrepreneurs' customers.

Valerie Fox
Director, Digital Media Zone