Results & Rankings From The World Benchmark Study 2017 - 2018
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How We Help
Government Innovation Agencies

We support public policy & innovation agencies to develop, measure, and visualise the impact of their business incubators & accelerators

Do you have the following needs?

  1. The need to develop a process for monitoring the performance of incubators & accelerators.
  2. The need to develop a platform for knowledge sharing within the ecosystem.
  3. The need to connect your incubators & accelerators with their global peers.

Our Solutions

Research studies, impact assessment, scorecard & reporting attribution, benchmarking, evaluation methodology, data collection operations, workshop & events, international innovation agency networks.

How we helped Russia with the country's first nationwide incubator benchmark

Insights from the first national benchmark study of Russian university-linked Incubators & accelerators conducted by UBI Global in partnership with HCE Inc & RVC.

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Do you have a specific inquiry? Contact us at and we'll assist you shortly

Why is UBI Global a good partner for us?

As a data-driven, research firm for the past 4 years within the university incubation space globally, we have developed a unique knowledge, expertise and vast network in our field. We can provide the most comprehensive access to business incubation data & network in the world.

Can you help us connect with Innovation Agencies internationally?

Together with our partners at Niowa, we are in the midst of establishing a new initiative called 'The Global Innovation Agency Network'. A peer-to-peer platform for public agencies with incubation focus - to meet, share ideas, get global insights, get educated, and gain an international relationships. Five countries are already on board - is yours next?

How can we assess the impact of our incubators and accelerators we support and fund?

We have together with international experts on government monitoring developed a methodology and process for measurement, assessment, analysis, visualisation and knowledge sharing. Contact us for case studies, and let's initiate a discussion on how we can support the development your ecosystem.

Who have you helped before?

We have been working in many countries with agencies uch as VINNOVA (Swe), Ontario Centres of Excellence (Can), SEBRAE (Bra), RVC (Rus), Impulsa (Col) and ITESM (Mex), on various research, assessment and educational projects.

Do you want a more efficient incubation ecosystem?

Connect with us today and let's collaborate in developing your ecosystem further