Benchmarking Social Incubators

Enable the surfacing and sharing of data driven best practices

Top Social Incubators In the U.S. - Social Benchmark 2015

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About the Benchmark

Incubators increase the likelihood that good ideas mature into viable market solutions and accelerate the time to market of the product or service. UBI Global in partnership with Cisco are looking for incubators that are nurturing enterprises with a social purpose in order to highlight the landscape, increase awareness and find the best practices for enabling social impact. Establishing a benchmark will enable the surfacing and sharing of data driven best practices in order to catalyze a network of incubators for Social Innovation.

The partnership has the following output:

  1. Develop a performance framework to measure Incubation Impact on Social Innovation
  2. Visualize the Social Incubation Landscape in the U.S.
  3. Give recognition to the Top Performing Programs
  4. Share Insight & Best Practices
  5. Publish the world’s first Social Benchmark Report of Business Incubators

Sign-up for the upcoming research report (free-of-charge), by using the sign-up form on the right. The report will be released at SOCAP Oct 6-9 in San Francisco, CA

Benchmark Report of Top Social Incubators In The U.S. 2015


“The benchmark was incredibly useful in guiding us toward the right direction. We’re a reasonably new organization with plenty to learn, and having numbers to back up what we need and don’t need is vital to future growth”

Kevin Liu, CEO – Princeton Social Innovation

Participating Programs


What is a Social Enterprise?

An organization that focuses on achieving social impact, applying market-based solutions to address public sector and market failure in innovative ways.

– European Venture Philanthropy Association

What is a Business Incubator with Social Innovation Focus?

Social Innovation focused business incubator is an organization that facilitates entrepreneurship by supporting early-stage ‘social enterprises’ through a systematic incubation process that includes services and infrastructure.

– UBI Global

Wonder how your incubation program perform?

Take the UBI Benchmark for Social Innovation for free and find out your performance!

  • Compare your metrics with the best performing Social Innovation Programs.
  • Get everything visualized in a beautifully designed and intuitive scorecard infographics
  • A 45 minute presentation of your performance is also included

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Performance Insights

Powerpoint slides that shows your benchmark performance

Performance Insights

A powerful insight tool with your benchmark performance presented in over 40+ powerpoint slides

Scorecard Infographics

Beautifully designed overview to share with your stakeholders

Scorecard Infographics

Designed to get you an instant overview of your performance based on the UBI Global Benchmark Framework for Social Incubators

Best Practices

Insights, rankings, success stories and best practices

Publication Best Practices

Research publications and white papers on best practices and key performance metrics to enhance your incubation knowledge

Recognition Opportunity

A chance to get recognized among your global peers

Recognition Opportunity

By benchmarking your program you have the opportunity to get recognized in the global incubation community

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Frequently Asked Questions

The goal is to enable the surfacing and sharing of data driven best practices in order to catalyze a network of incubators for Social Innovation.
All U.S based business incubators that are somehow affiliated or works closely with a university, where the dominant focus of the portfolio startup companies are socially focused enterprises.
Participation is and will always be FREE.
All participants will receive their own copy of an extensive sector benchmark report, together with customized infographic metrics and a 30 min presentation on performance, all for FREE. All incubators will be invited to networking and recognition event at SOCAP (read more here) in San Francisco, CA on Oct 6-9.
For being highlighted in the 2015 edition the dates are February 16th, 2015 – May 6th, 2015. For the 2016 edition the application process is open from September 2015 – February 2016.
All eligible incubators will be asked to fill out an online survey which will take approximately 1 hour (depending on availability of the data). The answers will be sent back sorted in order for the incubator to confirm and validate its accurateness. After initial analysis UBI Global will contact top performing incubators to setup a semistructured interview. Data analysis and case studies will be conducted shortly after. The benchmark is based on a research framework for measuring social innovation incubators, developed by UBI Global in partnership with Cisco.
Sign-up to the UBI Newsletter or the UBI Blog to get continuously informed. You can already pre-book your copy of the upcoming publication “Top Social Incubators in the U.S. – Social Benchmark 2015 Report”. All the publications, white papers and insights are free-of-charge. Sponsored by Cisco.
The release of the 2015 Benchmark Report and Recognition of Top Performing Incubation Programs will be on Oct 6-9 at SOCAP in San Francisco, CA.


“I can’t thank you enough for reaching out and considering us for what appears to be a really incredible opportunity.

We’re very proud of the successes from the social innovators we support through our accelerator and incubator programs”

Chris Miller, CEO – The Mission Center L3C