4 08, 2015

Incubator of the Week – VentureLab

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Founded in 2001 with the vision to “To create successful companies based on Georgia Tech Research and Ideas” Venture lab was ranked 5th globally in the 2014/15 Global Benchmark and is affiliated with the Georgia Institute of Technology. To date Venture Lab has launched 303 startups which have raised $1.1B in outside capital.

21 07, 2015

Incubator of the week – Uppsala Innovation Centre

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We are pleased to award and announce Uppsala Innovation Centre as this week’s staff picked Incubator of the Week. This Swedish incubator was established in 1999 and is affiliated with Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural sciences. With a mission to “help businesses achieve sustainable and viable growth” UIC must take pride in knowing that 9 out of 10 UIC alumni companies are still active on the market.

14 07, 2015

Incubator of the Week – The DMZ

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Its mission of “Fuelling the success of entrepreneurs by connections with potential customers, influencers and experts in a community that drives economic and social change” has seen this Canadian university incubator help startups succeed by connecting them with customers, advisors, influencers and other entrepreneurs.

7 07, 2015

Incubator of the Week – TEC Edmonton

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To date Tec Edmonton’s 100-plus clients have grown an average of 25% per year in revenues and employment, compared to a national growth rate of 10% for early-stage Canadian companies. The one-year survival rate for new companies using TEC services is 96%, compared to the national average of 85%. Over the last three years, its clients have raised more than $165 million in growth capital. To obtain such impressive results TEC utilise a business development line-up that is made up of team who have prior experience of running and managing a startup.

30 06, 2015

Incubator of the week – ATP Innovations

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ATP Innovations’ tag line is “success multiplied”. The meaning behind this comes from the fact they strongly believe that all the startups they assist would have been successful anyway, but the fact they joined their incubation program means they will be able to help their client startups’ multiply their success

23 06, 2015

Incubator of the week – STING

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Over the course of the last month we have highlighted some of the best incubators from around the world but what about the incubators on our doorstep? This week’s staff picked Incubator of the Week, STING, is located in Kista, in the north of Stockholm, less than 15 kilometres from UBI Global’s headquarters and is our first Swedish Incubator of the Week.

15 06, 2015

Incubator of the week – NDRC

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This week’s staff picked Incubator of the Week hails from Ireland’s capital, Dublin, with its headquarters based in a converted Guinness storehouse, NDRC, is affiliated with Dublin City University, National College of Art and Design, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology.

9 06, 2015

Incubator of the week – Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast

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Founded in 2002 and affiliated with University of Sunshine Coast, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast was ranked #4 globally and #1 in both in Australia and its region of Oceania in 2013’s Global Benchmark.

2 06, 2015

Incubator of the week – Youngstown Business Incubator

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Founded in 1995 and affiliated with Youngstown State University and Kent State University in Ohio USA, YBI is one of the oldest and most established incubators we had the privilege to analyse in last year’s Global Benchmark.

22 05, 2015

Incubator of the week – SETsquared

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We are pleased to announce and award SETsquared as our first staff picked Incubator of the week. Established in 2002 and affiliated with the University of Bath, University of Bristol, University of Exeter, University of Southampton and the University of Surrey, SETsquared is a fantastic British University affiliated Incubator with many fingers on many pulses.