17 11, 2015

Insights on Africa: The African Business Incubation Landscape

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Our African business incubation landscape is made up of 19 incubators, each with an average yearly operations budget of $335.5K, which equates to nearly $6.4M annually for the region. With regards to sector focus, over one third (42%) of Africa’s business incubators are concentrated on ICT, whilst Non-specialized incubation programmes are the second biggest focus. The third biggest sector in the African business landscape is Cleantech (16%). A further 11% are focused on Biotech. No incubators on UBI Global’s sample of Arican business incubators are focused of Life sciences. Incubators focused on Social/Environment and Other have a small but equal share of sector focus with 5% each.

22 10, 2015

Insights on Europe: European Business Incubation Landscape

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Europe’s business incubators have attracted a total of $2,4B in investment, meaning each of the 117 incubators has received an average of $20M each. With regard to deal flow, Europe as a whole receive 15.3K applications per year, equating to an average of 131 per incubator.

21 10, 2015

Insights on APAC: The Asian Pacific Business Incubation Landscape

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With regards to sector focus, nearly half (47%) of APAC’s business incubators are concentrated on ICT. The second biggest Asia Pacific focus is on the category of other (34%), these are incubators that have a sole focus on such industries as video games and fashion to name just a few niches. The third biggest sector focus category is Biotech (9%).There are no incubators on UBI Global’s APAC sample that concentrate their effort towards social environment or life sciences. Non specialized incubators make up (6%) of the APAC landscape and cleantech is the smallest sector with (3%).

23 09, 2015


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10 06, 2015

Summary: Webinar Wednesday – June 3

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STOCKHOLM. On June 3rd, our international team of research operatives in Stockholm embarked on our most ambitious and informative webinar experience we have held to date by presenting 10 webinars in 7 languages over 1 day, an event we named WEBINAR WEDNESDAY.

4 05, 2015

Webinar: UBI Global Benchmark 2015 – Preliminary Results

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After the data collection period in March, April and May, we are now ready to share some of the preliminary results of the UBI Global Benchmark 2015.