16 11, 2015

UBI Global at SOCAP15

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"Benchmarking can help us understand best practices across social incubators and, in turn, help us make them better and create more jobs. Establishing a benchmark also enables the surfacing and sharing of data-driven best practices in order to catalyze a network of incubators for social innovation".

6 10, 2015

Social Incubators vs. Business Incubators

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In last week’s blog we gave you 5 reasons why you should care about social Incubators, in an effort to determine who is creating the bigger impact in terms of value for ecosystem, value for clients and attractiveness, this week we are pitting social incubators against their more established equivalents, business incubators. To recap, a social incubator is an organization that supports early-stage ‘social enterprises’ through a systematic incubation process that provides assistance, mentorship and tutoring, infrastructure and funding.

29 09, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Care About Social Incubators

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Social ventures are being seen as a source to solve the social, environmental and even economic challenges in this age. There are quite a few incubators who have taken it up to encourage, service and finance these social ventures and contribute to the economy of the region and the country they are working in. These ventures do not only help job creation but also have many direct and indirect impacts on social issues like poverty, malnutrition, gender inequality etc. And these impacts are not just restricted to lesser-known regions. They can have a positive impact even in places like New York where still a considerable percentage of population lives in distressed areas that need economic and social development.