On February 25th, UBI Global hosted a webinar with speakers from 3 of the most prominent incubators across the globe: Simon Bond from SETSquared (UK), Abdullah Snobar from DMZ (CA) and Hattan Ahmed from KAUST (KSA). They spoke about the opportunities and challenges of incubator- corporation partnerships from the incubator perspective.

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All three speakers discussed about how university incubators can support students in developing entrepreneurial skills and provide tailored assistance for early-stage, high-growth businesses and ideas. At their best, these incubators can also build a virtuous cycle of job creation, university-industry collaboration, create revenue for local businesses and governments and show tangible benefits of academic impact.

Regarding incubator- corporation partnerships, they also argued that university incubators & accelerators work as channels for university-industry interaction; and the challenges and opportunities associated with these collaborations. They talked about real examples of partnerships with companies such as IBM, Deloitte, Astra Zeneca and the Islamic Development Bank. Some corporations are actively seeking equity investment opportunities in different business fields and by partnering up with incubators, there’s an exchange of knowledge technology and skills transfer but also an opportunity for mentorship, entrepreneurial training sessions and other activities benefiting both parties.

Interested in knowing more about the opportunities and challenges in incubator- corporation partnerships?
You can watch the webinar recording and have access to the presentations below: