Business incubation researcher UBI Index becomes UBI Global

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – April 14, 2015

University business incubator research company UBI Index changes its name and becomes UBI Global.

“The new name represents our expanding international presence and our desire to serve more actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Thanks to our customers, we have grown from indexing and benchmarking business incubators worldwide to aid and engage a global network of incubation supporters. We want to support incubation actors with impact assessments, appeal a broader network and provide reliable rankings to help the incubators and accelerators become more efficient and competitive”, said Ali Amin, CEO and Co-founder of UBI Global.

Nowadays more than 400 programs in over 90 countries participate in Stockholm-based UBI Global’s evaluation. This year, UBI Global is to benchmark university associated business accelerators, too. With an international research team, UBI Global offers its services also to corporates and governments.

“Top incubators help companies create more jobs, retain local talent, generate revenue and provide long-term benefits to the local business community. They also provide better access to funding opportunities and mentors who can help entrepreneurs develop core skills”, Ali Amin said.

Previously, the company has built top rankings of 25 university business incubators and 10 university associated business incubators in the world with the objective of finding the best incubation programs worldwide, discovering what makes them successful and learning where others are falling short.

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UBI Global – Incubation Impact & Network
UBI Global benchmarks business incubators and accelerators worldwide with reliable top rankings and helps them become more efficient and competitive. The company also provide corporates and governments with global incubation knowledge.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, UBI Global has an international research team and a benchmark network of more than 400 university managed or associated business incubators and accelerators in over 90 countries. Read more about the rankings and services at