The World Benchmark Study of Business Incubators & Accelerators 2019 - 2020
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Country Ambassador Program. Learn Globally, Improve Locally

Business incubators and accelerators operate in different, complex, and rapidly evolving ecosystems. To keep up with is essential to work closely with the professionals that know their own ecosystem the best.
This is why at UBI we created the UBI Global Country Ambassador Program.


…How to reach these local experts?
UBI Global have you covered!


The UBI Global
Country Ambassador Program 2017 – 2018

UBI Global Country Ambassador Program provides business incubators and accelerators the unique opportunity to understand, explore and visualize the state and impact of their country’s incubation ecosystem in a more efficient way. The Country Ambassador Program is a platform for adopting international best practices to each country’s specific needs – which will lead to a more efficient and competitive national innovation ecosystem.

Ambassadors are local experts representing and coalescing their ecosystem in order to:

  • Share incubation world best practices and insights
  • Increase operational knowledge
  • Show economic impact
  • Enable international relations
  • Nurture a network within their own ecosystem

These countries are represented so far: 

Belgium represented by
 Omar Mohout 

Brazil represented by
Carlos Eduardo Bizzotto 

Chile represented by
Tomás Gentina Nassar 

Colombia represented by
Francisco Matiz


Czech Republic represented by
Michal Andera

Finland represented by
Blair Stevenson

France represented by
Matthieu Valetas 

India represented by
Dr. Ajit Kumar Nigam

Israel represented by
Oren Simanian 

Italy represented by
Marco Cantamessa

Kenya represented by
Edward Mungai

MENA (UAE) represented by  
Dr. Abdullah Ismail


MENA (KSA) represented by  
Hattan Ahmed

Mexico represented by
Moises Carbajal Marrón

Russia represented by
Yelena Gavrilova

Taiwan represented by
Hank Huang

Keep your eyes opened and follow our blog, you will discover more about them in the following weeks!

Who is a leading actor in your country?
Who would you recommend to be the national leading actor for your ecosystem? We are waiting for your suggestion!
Please contact for all inquiries about the UBI Global Country Ambassador Program 2017 – 2018.

UBI Global would like to share this opportunity, offered by Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena, to tech startups and companies that want to enter the Asian market and scale their business globally.

Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena (TITAN) is a flagship project supported by Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology.
TITAN aims to boost the diversity of Taiwan’s innovation ecosystem by inviting talents from all over the world.


1 month Soft-Landing Program to support high potential tech startups & companies to enter the Asian market and scale globally


  • Strong founding team, intellectual property, and a product that is close to/already in the market
  • Availability to send a founder/senior member to Taiwan for the duration of the program
  • Before Jan 2017, the startup must not have set up a cooperation in Taiwan
  • At least two thirds of the members are not citizens of the Republic of China (ROC)
  • Willing to develop a tech cooperation in Taiwan


  • Customized mentoring and advice from industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors
  • Boot Camp and Workshops
    Specialized workshops covering topics such as product/market fit, go-to-market strategy, and fundraising
  • Access to our Network
    Build relationships and immerse yourself in Taiwan startup ecosystems
  • 1-on-1 Startup Tech Guide
  • Marketing & PR
    Spread your word. Use our marketing channels and relationships to amplify your story.
  • Financial Support
    2 Round-trip flight tickets
    30-day accommodation
    30-day coworking space
  • Entrepreneur Visa

May 8th 2017 – May 19th 2017

Ms. Eleanor Chuang



Here are our editors pick for the top 5 incubation stories
that left their mark in our ecosystem 

– APRIL 2017 –

  1. Edward Mungai and the support for Kenyan incubators and accelerators

    Video on how UBI Global and Edward Mungai proudly support the growth of the #incubator and #accelerator ecosystem in #Kenya.


  2. UBI Global welcomes Chilean incubators to the World Benchmark Study 2017-2018

    Incubators from Chile

    These Chilean programs has been accepted to the #WBS1718

    Chile Instituto 3IE
    UDD Ventures
    Incuba UC
    Emprende Claro
    Fundación Chile

    Viva Chile! 

  3. UK growing incubation scene

    The UK’s #incubator and #accelerator network is booming! #WBS1718

    Link: UK’s incubator and accelerator network booms to support thriving
    enterprise population
     via Startups by Henry Williams

  4. Study by Nesta about the flourishing incubator and accelerator landscape in the UK

    163 #accelerators were identified in the #UK, supporting an estimated 3.660 #startups per year!

    Link: UK start-ups to be supported by a boost in incubators and accelerators via Smallbusiness by Owen Gough

  5. 5 Questions to evaluate if a startup is ready for an accelerator

    Is your startup ready for an #accelerator? These 5 questions are just right for you..

    Link: 5 Questions to Determine If You’re Ready For An Accelerator via TechDay by Hai Truong

The UBI World Benchmark Study 2017 – 2018 (#WBS1718) is underway and we’ve now passed the halfway mark on the assessment period. UBI is amazed of the international turnaround!
We are proud to share that so far 207 INCUBATORS and 138 ACCELERATORS, from 53 countries and representing 381 Universities, have applied to join the world’s most comprehensive benchmark study.

Apply to get:

Finally, if your program hasn’t applied yet, the window is still open for a couple of more weeks.

Here is a list of the countries that have the highest representation to date: