7 Benefits of Being in UBI Global’s Interactive Learning Community

As a business incubator or accelerator, it is exciting to be on the cutting edge of innovation. It can also be nerve wracking to know if you are doing the right things for the long-term benefit of your client startups and your program. We understand that it is hard to know if your program is efficient and effective, we hear it from others just like you every day. In this article, you will learn seven of the many benefits that being a part of UBI Global’s international network can bring to your program. We call this network our interactive learning community because it is fueled by research, active participation by all members, and a quest for knowledge.

“I think the biggest thing that has been important for us is that, in addition to measurement, metrics and money, leadership is really critical. You need to build a culture of innovation and of commitment and of hard work if you want your incubator to succeed. This is not easy and none of it happens by itself.” – Howard Tullman, Former CEO of 1871, Chicago, Illinois USA.

1 – Leadership

As Howard of 1871 says in his video, leadership is critical to the success of business incubators and accelerators. Exchanging ideas with like-minded program managers gives you the opportunity to seek advice on all sorts of things related to your efforts. Tapping in to another program’s expertise and getting solid advice on startup innovation is priceless. 

2 – Opportunities

With a highly motivated group of incubation professionals, there is always an abundance of opportunities. Not only can you formulate plans for joint ventures, client referrals, and other regional, and international international collaborations, you can also form cross-promotional opportunities and program expansions.

3 – Raised Profile

Being noticed in the global community of business incubators and accelerators is a huge benefit of networking. Attending social events and getting your program’s name out there can help build its reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable, constructive contact in the industry. Soon you will find your program referred to for expert opinions and advice on a global stage.

4 – Shared Knowledge

Sharing ideas and knowledge about budgets, startup recruitment, sponsor attraction and retention and more is a great way to experience the benefits of networking. Some of the best ideas come from shared feedback and new perspectives. As part of a global network, there will certainly be those who have been in your shoes at one time; a great opportunity to learn or avoid some of the common experiences you have.

5 – Connections

You are not just gaining exposure to the business incubators and accelerators; you are also gaining valuable connections in their own network of universities, corporations and startups. If someone they know has a need that matches your specialty or location, you have made the right contact for a referral. That is not just a one-way street. Perhaps you can make a valuable connection and share details of another incubator or accelerator that will strengthen your relationship with a startup of your own.

6 – Sector Information

Because the UBI Global network is international, you will be able to learn information on sector and industry developments overseas, on markets that are experiencing growth, and on business oportunities for your own client startups. This information can be invaluable when helping your startups formulate their own growth and internationalization strategies. 

7 – Improved Understanding

International regulations, documentation and licensing can be a quagmire of rules and red tape. Fortunately, you can establish contacts within the business community of some of the most dynamic, innovative countries in the world that can provide guidance for you to pass on to your startup companies and establish those coveted, important overseas frameworks.

What does UBI Global offer?

UBI Global offers our members a network of more than 1200 business incubators and accelerators from over 90 different countries. These business incubation and acceleration programs are diverse in their size, type and focus, offering peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and Top Program comparisons that shine a light on the most important innovations in the industry.

The World Incubation Summit is our flagship event, taking place every year and including education and networking activities for corporations, research professionals, government representatives, and business incubator and accelerator managers from all over the world. Pro members can enjoy priority seating, discounts and much more during this event.

New this year is the UBI Global Incubation Community App known as UBI Access. Use this app to highlight your program and your startups and engage with peers around the globe. The UBI Access App also gives you the benchmark materials and publications at your fingertips. UBI Access will be available to members of all levels in the Fall of 2018.

Perhaps the most powerful tool that Pro members can access is the UBI World Benchmark Assessment 2018. The #WBA18 is the ultimate measurement of your program’s contribution to the ecosystem and your support for client and alumni startups. #WBA18 harnesses the power of UBI Global’s proven benchmark methodology to compare their own program’s performance against the top programs in the world and analyze year-over-year program changes. An easy to understand infographic is generated to show a customized, intuitive scorecard highlighting each participant’s impact and performance.

Apply, Renew or Go Pro?

Whether you are a renewing member, want to become a member for the first time or want to upgrade your membership, UBI Global wants to reassure you that you can’t find business incubator and accelerator networking, information and services like ours anywhere else.

UBI Global’s Pro Membership program includes an invaluable set of tools for your business incubator or accelerator. Not only will you be able to participate in #WBA18, you’ll also get discounts and priority seating to the World Incubation Summit, be able to participate in UBI On-Tour and be featured with priority exposure in our corporate only materials.

Since 2013, our mission at UBI Global has remained constant; help business incubators and accelerators become more efficient and more competitive. Through our extensive global network of startups, business incubators and accelerators and universities, we are the world leader in mapping, highlighting and connecting the world of business incubation.

For more information on networking your program with the world, see our Membership page. If you have questions on what the right membership level is for you and your program, our friendly staff is here to help, please contact [email protected].