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3 Takeaways from the Case Studies Report 2018

It is always fascinating to see our members’ different routes to success; however, among the strategies to address the challenges and opportunities in different innovation ecosystems, we were able to identify a few patterns that, due to their frequency and efficiency, deserve a closer look.

We are confident that the knowledge gained from the experiences shared by the selection of top twelve university-linked incubators and accelerators in the Case Studies 2018 will benefit you financially for years to come. At the end of each Case Study in the report there is a Key Takeaways section that offers a snapshot of the program’s success. To the UBI Global team, these are the top three most valuable lessons learned:

A value proposition is a term that means value delivered, communicated and acknowledged by the customer. ITU Cekirdek has identified four core components that are important to their ecosystem’s value proposition; their partner university’s reputation, a meaningful and achievable mission statement, world-class incubation services, and strong, mutually beneficial connections with other relevant actors in the local, national and international innovation ecosystem. Clearly defining, communicating and demonstrating these four values in its daily operations empowered ITU Cekirdek to offer one of Turkey’s most effective, efficient, and competitive university-linked incubation programs.

University-linked business incubator 1871 in Chicago, Illinois, USA isn’t number one on our benchmark studies for nothing and when they demonstrate their business model, it is important to take note. Through their focus on business relationships that are based on what they call “enlightened self-interest”, 1871 has offered sound business reasons for large corporate entities to partner with their program. The program has tripled their revenue in the last year because of their understanding of the corporate desire for new innovations, technologies and ideas and how this desire can benefit their own startup clients.

The Canadian incubator Accelerator Centre of Waterloo, Ontario has developed a structured incubation curriculum that can be adjusted to individual client startup’s particular needs on their way from ideation to scale. Including general education as well as one-on-one mentorship components, this curriculum puts a strong emphasis on accountability. Together with the founders, milestones are set for each startup that keep the entrepreneurs on track while also offering flexibility for unique work styles, technological and industry needs. Over 24 months, the entrepreneur walks through the steps to build a successful business and Accelerator Centre provides guidance, accountability and mentorship.

These are just three key takeaways that stood out to our staff at UBI Global when compiling the Case Studies 2018 report. Twelve of the top university-linked incubators and accelerators generously shared their experience and knowledge in order to further startup success across the globe. Don’t wait; order your copy today and start discovering your own key takeaways.

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