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5 Lessons for Corporations for Better Collaboration with Startups

Need for New Ideas

One thing about the business landscape that has proven to always be true is that it is an ever-changing, dynamic set of rules that gets re-written often. The consumer wants and needs to grow and evolve, with technology and innovation rising up to meet the requirements.

When working with a startup, either in an accelerator or incubator program, there can be challenges to consider. UBI Global’s professional staff is here to advise startup and corporations alike on how to maximize the collaboration and embrace the changes. Big corporations like Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Google have, for years, embraced the need to innovate by working with startup companies, however, collaboration with startups isn’t just for big business; medium-sized and small firms are also discovering the benefits of collaboration.

Sourcing Ideas Via Startups

Using external ideas as well as internal ideas isn’t foreign to many businesses. Thanks to product reviews, surveys, and real-time data, companies are tuned in to the thoughts and preferences of their customers. Savvy corporations use this data and feedback to improve themselves, grow their market and bolster their brand.

Startup companies bring something completely new to the table; an innovation partner with entrepreneurial power. Nearly one-third of business accelerators in Europe are supported or run by a corporate partner; a number which is rapidly growing. This is just the tip of the iceberg; forward-thinking corporations of all sizes are turning to startups for their innovation and growth benefits.

Corporations of all sizes across the world are eager to begin working with startups; many don’t know where to start. This is where UBI Global is particularly helpful; in finding a perfect match between corporation and startup. Our experienced staff will guide your business into considering the ultimate goal of the collaboration as well as what success metrics should be in place for a true strategic alignment during the collaboration.

Take-away lessons

  1. Design your program well; consider goals and objectives and the programs that best deliver them.
  2. Secure support and buy-in from the top.
  3. Metrics are important; capture data, cultivate feedback and measure your progress.
  4. Involve the right people when implementing your program; give decision making power to a leader and develop a single access point to resources for the startup and make it easy.
  5. Work with the best startup using the best technology; UBI Global can help you facilitate a perfect match anywhere in the world.



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