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8 Reasons Incubators and Accelerators Attend the World Incubation Summit

Activate Your Innovation with the World Incubation Summit 2019 (WIS19)

World Incubation Summit 2019 by UBI GlobalAttending a conference, symposium, or industry event is exciting on a personal and professional level. The networking and experience are invaluable for your program, but you need to justify the time away from daily responsibilities and the cost, which is easy with a quality event like the World Incubation Summit 2019.

What is WIS19?

Doha, Qatar is the site of The World Incubation Summit 2019 by UBI GlobalWIS19 is the World Incubation Summit 2019, organized by UBI Global for incubators and accelerators, corporate partners, investors, innovation agencies, supporters, and select startups and entrepreneurs. Hosted by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) in one of the most ambitious innovation ecosystems in the world – Doha, Qatar – WIS19 is the event of the year for the global innovation community.

By invitation only, WIS19 attracts the most relevant actors in the global innovation ecosystem. The event focuses on the most important topics for business incubators and accelerators and concentrates the audience for the most impactful associations. Building on the success of WIS18 in Toronto, Canada, WIS19 will provide information and associations that will dramatically improve the programs in attendance.

8 Reasons You Must Attend WIS19

We are sharing the following eight reasons to attend WIS19 this November 4 through 7, which come from post-event surveys and testimonials from completed summits.

  1. Partnership Potential. Now is the time to form impactful connections and WIS19 is the place! Gathered by special invitation, incubator and accelerator managers, corporate decision makers, government officials, and other innovation professionals all gather at WIS19 to discover new ways to make an impact on their local and global innovation ecosystem.
  1. Education. Four interactive days of enrichment activities, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and collaborative interaction make up the WIS19 program, with the theme of “Activate Your Innovation”. Incubator and accelerator managers will learn new ways to transform their programs and create more success for themselves and their startups while eliminating barriers.
  1. Personal Connections. Having a shared vision and culture of innovation is not possible in isolation, which is why most attendees agree that networking is a powerful reason to attend WIS19. The connections formed at WIS19 offer immediate opportunities for knowledge and growth as well as long-term possibilities for future collaboration and even career opportunities.
  1. Meet the Community. Sure, you interact on UBI Connect and receive our Engage newsletter for the latest information on the community, but nothing compares with putting a face with a name. WIS19 is your chance to meet peers, mentors, and heroes, but also to meet the UBI Global staff of professionals, impact-makers, and all-around nice people.
  1. Location, Location, Location. Qatar may not be on your travel bucket list – but it should be. With relaxed visa requirements and amazing culture, cuisine, and climate, Qatar welcomes tourists from around the world to widen their travel horizons. Experience the rapid development of one of the most ambitious innovation ecosystems in the world. Qatar Development Bank is hosting WIS19 to make sure the global innovation community has the opportunity to learn about the infrastructure and the exciting innovation that occurs throughout Doha and the country itself.
  1. Awards and Recognition. The results of The World Benchmark Study 2019 – 2020 will be announced at WIS19, with the top-ranked incubators and accelerators named and awarded in front of their peers. As part of a gala event on the closing evening, the top-ranked awards are eagerly anticipated by programs all over the world.
  1. Professional and Personal Inspiration. Meeting other business incubator and accelerator professionals who work in a similar fashion provides inspiration beyond the four walls of your office. Attending WIS19 is a way to get inspired just by being around passionate, talented peers in the same industry. Events like WIS19 that are so exclusive and completely targeted to the innovation ecosystem do not come along every day; WIS19 is THE event to network and be inspired!
  1. Long-Term ROI. Attending WIS19 gives programs exposure to the wider world of innovation through potential corporate partnerships and governmental initiatives. Long after the conference has closed and the last top-ranked award is presented, relationships forged over the four action-packed days of WIS19 will endure over time.

Registration is now open! To get your invitation to WIS19, apply here.

Attending WIS19 is another step on the pathway of building your program’s success, so do not let anything stand in your way. It is time to learn the most valuable information your program could possibly have, overcome challenges, and drive improvement. You will not find this experience anywhere else but WIS19 – discover more on the official WIS19 website and express your interest to receive an invitation to activate your innovation!

Openings are available to sponsor program segments or to become a speaker for WIS19, so get in touch with us here to join the most interactive innovation event of the year!

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