Aliaxis Ventures

Aliaxis Ventures becomes the king of crowdsourced innovation

The goal

  • Create an open call welcoming WaterTech and related startups and emerging technologies from anywhere in the world
  • Discover new partners in market areas of interest to the company with whom Aliaxis could find a synergistic benefit and common goals
  • Provide a holistic picture of water technology innovation from around the world
  • Form new relationships with business incubators and accelerators as key innovation hubs

The approach

  • UBI Global reached out via our internal and external communications channels to drive nominations for startups ready to form a partnership with Aliaxis
  • Our research team verified the nominated startups, reaching out to them for information on key data points of interest to Aliaxis
  • The startups were presented to Aliaxis for consideration in two groups due to the volume of nominations

The results

  • >100 Startups nominated by @80 business incubators and accelerators in our community and @25 qualified for presentation to Aliaxis
  • Meetings were set up for further engagement by Aliaxis, which is where UBI Global leaves the event to allow the relationship to flourish between corporation and startup
  • Aliaxis commented, “UBI’s curated selection of startups is different than other startup scouting because UBI has established relationships with various accelerators and incubators, who, in turn, know well the startups participating in their programs. That allows leveraging the expertise of a large existing network while being sector-agnostic.”