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Are you a new or returning member?

New Member

Not been previously active with UBI Global and want to join an international network and access member benefits


Returning Member

Have been active with UBI Global before and want to access current offerings and services


New Members Application Process

Our members are business incubators and accelerators that are managed by, affiliated to or collaborating with university(ies)


All potential members are asked to fill out a short application form to enable access to UBI Global services


UBI Global Operations team schedules a 30-min phone call to assess the eligibility of the applicant


After successful assessment, the applicant receive access to all services connected to their desired membership level

Frequently Asked Questions

Our operations team are ready to assist on your membership journey with us

For who is the membership for?

We offer our membership services for business incubator and accelerator programs. Most value is given to university-linked programs, but private and government-affiliated organizations are welcome to join as well.

For how long is the membership valid?

All membership levels are valid for two years without having to apply again. Paying members are requested to sign up for two years and are billed annually. You are welcome to upgrade level at any given time.

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