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UBI Connect closing 23 Aug
Business Incubators & Accelerators

UBI Global Says Good-Bye to an Old Friend

UBI Connect is ending as we announce a new hub of tools and services developed by our team especially for you. Announcing ‘the end’ of something is never fun or easy, but in this case, there really is a lot …

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Activating Entrepreneurship in Pakistan
Innovation Insights January 26, 2021

Activating Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

A fascinating look at the innovation ecosystem in Pakistan in a free download from UBI Global With 140...
Corporate Matching with UBI Spotlight
Corporations December 3, 2020

Corporate Matching with UBI Spotlight

The startup game-changing newsletter Our Corporate Matching article outlined the three categories of collaboration that UBI Global is...
Corporation Meets Startup!
Corporations October 12, 2020

Corporation Meets Startup!

UBI Global Matches Corporations to Programs in our Global Community and their Startups! This is how YOUR program...

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