The World Benchmark Study of Business Incubators & Accelerators 2019 - 2020
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Oct 26 Crowdfunding for Corporations; Embracing Incubation in New Ways

  Anyone doing business today knows that the rules change regularly, making it difficult to keep up with the latest trends. Startups in particular keep turning their heads to follow the next great opportunity. When working with startups, keep in mind the words of Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder and investor in all things tech, who […]

Oct 24 Constructing a Valuable Service Portfolio

Working with startups is exciting, but it can also be difficult to keep up with a fledgling company, who can turn on a dime and remain nimble in their processes. The service portfolio you construct is a careful balance of providing value to your startup clients and managing your internal resources. With this in mind, […]

Sep 18 Social responsibility and startups; how ethical risk taking can be successful

  When technology meets society, anything can happen. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg expected Facebook to become home to algorithmic propaganda? How about Twitter and the state-sponsored trolling and hate speech it is most often associated with, was that expected? Most likely the answer is no, but maybe they should have anticipated it. This article […]

Sep 11 Africa’s incubation ecosystem; why networking and creative thinking are the recipes for success

  Africa is in the midst of a transition, from the fringes of innovation to the global economy, and the country is on a fast track. Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in bolstering investment, business and an IT ecosystem. In the midst of this transition is our member NETFUND Kenya, who is a UBI […]

Aug 23 The exciting reasons UBI Global is going On Tour

  This November, UBI Global is going On Tour, thanks to collaboration with the Silicon Valley Forum. In addition to our signature event, the World Incubation Summit, we are holding an exclusive, members-only road show. Why are we going on tour? You might be surprised to learn the reasons… 1. Our members Obviously, our number […]

Aug 22 Collaboration – Best practices for successful incubator/corporate partnerships

  Incubators and corporates collaborate for many reasons, not the least of which are funding, expertise, networking and innovation. During this collaboration, many partnerships face challenges that can make or break the relationship. There may be a culture clash, struggle for control or even a search for independence that can distract from the main goal. […]

Aug 13 Client Startups; how to attract, evaluate and select startup companies and entrepreneurs

  Selecting high-potential startup companies to work with can be a matter of attracting the right types of businesses for your ecosystem. From there, evaluating the potential success of the startup may be both difficult and demanding. All too often, we have seen startup companies that look attractive on paper and count big investors among […]

Jul 24 Brexit’s positive effect on tech startups in Britain

  “So the next 5 years, particularly in the United Kingdom, are going to be very, very interesting. Of course, we’ve got Brexit, the world is changing, the United Kingdom is changing and the universities that we incubate businesses for are going through profound changes.” Simon Bond, Innovation Director, SETsquared Partnership, Bath, United Kingdom Unless you […]

Jul 23 Building an ecosystem from scratch

  A successful incubation program thrives on a robust environment, but sometimes one of the first tasks a program has is to begin building an ecosystem from scratch. Since arriving on the incubation program scene in 2002, INiTS has built an exciting, healthy ecosystem from scratch. In this article, we will share some of the […]

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