The World Benchmark Study of Business Incubators & Accelerators 2019 - 2020
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Jul 10 Disruptive Technologies: Innovation-driven growth your company needs

  Businesses who want to innovate need to open themselves to new ideas beyond their current reach. Unfortunately, many corporations today have fortress-like structures, with rigid styles. These corporate standards are for a good reason; to weather the storm of competition in the marketplace while keeping their brand top-of-mind. However, as far as innovation goes, […]

Jul 09 Budget Best Practices: How to Make the Most of a Budget of Any Size

There are quite a few well-funded business incubators and accelerators out there in the world, with generous budgets and even surpluses. Have you met one, though? Our data demonstrates that a majority of university-linked business incubation programs operate on a very small budget. How do these programs survive and thrive on such a small amount? […]

Jul 02 Local Connectedness; what is it and why is Google interested?

As a professional in the corporate world, your “to do” list is longer than your daily agenda. On top of this, you are expected to network with peers, stakeholders and competitors. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to create that connected ecosystem that all the professional development magazines tell you […]

Jun 20 Seven benefits of being a part of UBI Global’s international network

As a business incubator or accelerator, it is exciting to be on the cutting edge of innovation. It can also be nerve wracking to know if you are doing the right things for the long-term benefit of your client startups and your program. We understand that it is hard to know if your program is […]

May 25 UBI Global complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

For us at UBI Global it has always been essential to handle our members’ personal information in a safe and transparent way. Consequently, we welcome the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To meet the new requirements, we updated our privacy policy and terms and conditions. What is GDPR? The General Data Protection […]

May 21 Best Practices 2018: FinTech 101 for Business Accelerators and Incubators. What program managers should know about this exciting sector

With an aim to compete with the delivery of traditional financial institutions, products and services, the exciting business sector known as FinTech (or fintech) caught our eye recently when we were compiling data for the Case Studies 2018 report. Some of the top business incubators and accelerators in the world were experiencing explosive growth in […]

May 08 Best Practices 2018: The future of business incubation; emerging trends and how accelerators and incubators will need to change and adapt

Business incubation is growing rapidly, as you have witnessed yourself if you’ve read Case Studies 2018 recently published by UBI Global. Once primarily dependent on university or public funding, business incubators and accelerators are becoming more and more attractive to the corporate world. What is the attraction for big business? Innovative new programs like pre-accelerators, […]

Apr 30 Best Practices 2018: Top three takeaways from the Case Studies Report 2018

It is always fascinating to see our members’ different routes to success; however, among the strategies to address the challenges and opportunities in different innovation ecosystems, we were able to identify a few patterns that, due to their frequency and efficiency, deserve a closer look. We are confident that the knowledge gained from the experiences […]

Apr 18 Best Practices 2018: The partnership between universities and startups; behind the scenes of top university-linked incubators

Business incubators and accelerators can be linked to universities in different ways including direct management, affiliation or collaboration. What resources do these relationships with universities bring to the programs they are involved with? How are the top programs using these resources? UBI Global asked these questions to the top twenty university-linked incubators in the world […]

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