Best Practices At Top University-linked Business Incubators & Accelerators Vol 1 & 2
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Oct 06 What works: industry sectors and types of innovation tools used

Having a clear innovation strategy starts with a corporation’s team of experts and their industry knowledge. Depending on the industry the corporation is engaged in, it is in their best interest to focus on the appropriate tools and accelerators that will quickly reach their innovation objectives. UBI Global has extensive experience in matching industry sector […]

Sep 29 5 Best Practices to follow for startup collaboration success

UBI Global is a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem coordinator. That’s just a fancy way of saying that we are an organization that brings startups together with businesses, universities and organizations that nurture them. Nurturing collaboration between a dynamic, outside-the-box startup company and the process driven, goal oriented culture of a big corporation or large university system […]

Investing in Startups at the Right Time | UBI Global

Sep 22 Incubation vs. acceleration – investing in startups at the right time

The growth of both revenue and market potential is high on the agenda for most companies and innovation is one of the key routes to this objective. It has been proven that innovative firms grow twice as fast, both in employment and in profitability. The search for innovative new ideas leads many companies beyond their […]

Big Corporate Engagement Startups | UBI Global

Aug 31 The hidden success stories behind big corporation engagement with startups

Startups are grassroots level companies, intimately engaged with potential consumers of their product or service, and looking to raise capital based on the desire and enthusiasm of these initial connections with their company. The most successful startups are partnered with big corporations, which is enormously advantageous for both sides. UBI Global connects corporations with this […]

Aug 24 Save the date! World Incubation Summit 2018, Feb 22-23

We are pleased to announce that the World Incubation Summit 2018, powered by UBI Global and in partnership with DMZ at Ryerson University, will take place in Toronto, Canada on February 22 – 23, 2018. This is an invite-only summit for university-linked business incubators and accelerators connected to the UBI Global network. The summit will recognize the best […]

UBI World Benchmark Study 2017 / 2018

Jun 21 LAST WEEK TO APPLY – UBI World Benchmark Study 2017 / 2018

UBI World Benchmark Study 2017 – 2018  LAST WEEK TO APPLY The official last week has just started and at UBI we really busy collecting the last applications. We are already amazed of the international turnaround but our team is extremely hardworking and we won’t stop before the last second of the week and before […]

The TOP 5 incubation stories from UBI Global. May 2017

Jun 04 UBI 5 top stories from the global incubation ecosystem – May 2017

Here are our editors pick for the top 5 incubation stories that left their mark in our ecosystem  – MAY 2017 –   UBI Global welcomes Indian incubators to the World Benchmark Study 2017-2018 These Indian programs have been accepted to the #WBS1718   * Centre for incubation & business acceleration * Innovation and Incubation Centre – IIC PDPU * […]

Incubators Kenya

Jun 02 Country Ambassador Program – Insights from Kenya

The UBI Global Country Ambassador Program (CAP) provides business incubators and accelerators the unique opportunity to understand, explore, and visualize the state and impact of their country’s incubation ecosystem in a more efficient way.   Ambassadors are local experts representing and connecting their ecosystem in order to: Share global incubation best practices and insights Increase […]

May 17 Country Ambassador Program. Learn Globally, Improve Locally

Business incubators and accelerators operate in different, complex, and rapidly evolving ecosystems. To keep up with is essential to work closely with the professionals that know their own ecosystem the best. This is why at UBI we created the UBI Global Country Ambassador Program.   …How to reach these local experts? UBI Global have you covered!   […]

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