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Jul 15 Smart Way to Source Innovation: Activate Product Development

Sourcing Innovation for Product Development Innovation is a key focus for businesses looking to stay competitive. Why? Because a company and its legions of executives, managers, and even researchers sometimes run out of ideas. A fresh perspective is needed. This is especially true when it comes to managing- and reimagining– its current offerings. Products and […]

Jul 03 Easy Way to Gain New Audiences: Activate Customer Reach

Discovering an Untapped Market Reach would-be customers. Gain their loyalty. Achieve growth. Sounds simple. In reality, many companies get stuck on the first step. They deploy many tactics to reach potential customers, many of them digital. What can a company do to reach more potential customers when it feels it has done all it can to […]

UBI Global WIS19 World Incubation Summit

Jul 01 Why We Are Going To Doha for the World Incubation Summit 2019

The World Incubation Summit 2019 is taking place in Doha, Qatar this November 4 through 7, and here are the reasons we found most compelling when choosing the location for this year’s summit. In Doha, the global innovation community will gather for networking, education, and the announcement of the top-ranked programs according to The World […]

Jun 17 Uncover the Innovation Community: Activate Ecosystem Growth

Understanding the Innovation Landscape Innovation is a key focus for businesses looking to stay competitive. Many corporations hunt for new ways to gain an edge. Many have also noticed that there are lots of exciting actors in their local (and even wider) innovation ecosystem. It seems like every time they turn around, there are more […]

Jun 12 New Ways to Leverage Innovation: Activate CSR Strategies

How to support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) We know that innovation is top of mind for businesses looking to stay competitive. Many corporations look for new ways to gain an edge, and often that means greater engagement with their employees, customers, and those communities they operate in. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one such way […]

UBI Global Innovation Secrets

Jun 05 6 Innovation Secrets We Learned in London

How Innovation Will Survive and Thrive Last week’s GCV Symposium was a fantastic event that brought the venture capital ecosystem together. Founder and CEO James Mawson and his team created an exciting event full of impactful collaborations, new technology, and insights on uncovering startups. This article shares 6 innovation secrets we learned in London. Innovation […]

May 27 How Modern Companies Get Smart: Activate Startup Trendspotting

Why Focus on Innovation We know that corporations are increasingly hunting for new ideas to stay current and even gain an edge on the competition. We discuss this throughout our latest edition of our Insight Series: Activate Startup Trendspotting Case Study. The in-depth report is available cost-free for download. What else are companies doing to uncover […]

World Incubation Summit 2019

May 20 8 Reasons Incubators and Accelerators Attend the World Incubation Summit

Activate Your Innovation with the World Incubation Summit 2019 (WIS19) Attending a conference, symposium, or industry event is exciting on a personal and professional level. The networking and experience are invaluable for your program, but you need to justify the time away from daily responsibilities and the cost, which is easy with a quality event […]

May 10 Download: Lessons in Corporate Innovation – 7 Case Studies on Activation with UBI Global

Activate Corporate Innovation Join us as we tell our journey through seven compelling areas of innovation featuring real-world case studies of corporations that relied on UBI Global research and partners to gain a better understanding of the global innovation landscape. We know that innovation is top of mind for businesses looking to stay competitive. In […]

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