Corporate Calls

Corporate Calls

The activity is an outreach to our community

What is a Corporate Call?

One facet of the UBI Global Corporate Matching activities is the Corporate Call. This activity is an outreach to our community and driven by a specific corporate need. Often technical in nature, Corporate Calls often have deadlines and specific requirements

Who can nominate a startup for a Corporate Call?

Nominations for Corporate Calls are open to all UBI Global members in a tiered system. Community members are able to nominate one startup per Corporate Call, five for Pro Members, and twenty for Premium Members.

How do I nominate a startup for a Corporate Call?

What happens next?

That’s all up to UBI Global! We will be in touch with you within ten working days to continue your engagement with the Corporate Call and communicate the next steps.

Thank you for participating in the UBI Global innovation intelligence community!

Other Corporate Matching FAQs


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