Advancing Digital Health.

What We Are Looking For

This year G4A seeks to collaborate with startups that are making an impact in the following areas:


Cardiometabolic and Renal Diseases

With a focus on hypertension, CAD, CHF, and CKD we are looking for solutions that empower lifestyle behavior changes enable longitudinal patient monitoring, provide rehabilitation, support risk stratification, and clinical decisions, as well as develop novel biomarkers and algorithms.


To determine patients efficiently and slow their disease progression we are looking for solutions that can capture, aggregate, and analyze data from disparate sources to identify prostate cancer cases as well as patients who could benefit from specific biomarker testing for NTRK gene fusions. Furthermore, we are looking for solutions that can utilize available technologies to measure relevant parameters for cancer patients to measure patients’ quality of life performance status.

Women’s Health

We are looking for solutions to improve the overall health outcome of women, especially for managing the needs of women with gynecological diseases such as PCOS and endometriosis or the needs of women during life stages such as menopause.


We are looking for solutions for an accurate, efficient machine learning method to manage the detection of all potential incoming drug-event combinations.


June 30, 2020

Our Experience

Since G4A’s launch in 2013, Bayer has supported over 150 digital health companies resulting in more than 30 direct collaborations. Bayer now operates G4A in more than 13 countries, developing and promoting collaborative health care technology projects around the world.

How We Will Work With You

If accepted to the program the startup will be offered opportunities to grow, advance, network access, mentoring, and join the G4A family.

Our Area of Interest


  • DigitalTech
  • HealthTech


  • Integrated Technologies
  • Industry Integrated

Development Stage

From Seed, Series A to Mature Startups

Geographic Reach

Global, with focus on US, Canada, Europe



June 30, 2020

Who We Are

Bayer G4A works with extraordinary people to engage and create integrated solutions in digital health. With a global team of intra and entrepreneurs, our goal is to empower people and solve their health challenges longitudinally throughout their life journey. We seek to enable innovative approaches to seamlessly connect people and patients to their physicians and caregivers.

What We Do

The G4A Partnerships offer a gateway to partner with Bayer. G4A’s partners benefit from Bayer‘s global presence and business acumen to grow their healthcare business while we drive towards changing the experience of health through collaboration.

Our Growth Track is designed for early stage companies (Seed-Series A) with a minimal viable product. This track provides executive mentorship, €75,000 in funding, and a co-working space.

Our Advance Track is designed for companies which already have traction in the market with a product or service, leading to a commercial partnership with Bayer through a joint venture, co-creation, or investment opportunities.

About Us

Bayer G4A
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All member levels are eligible for partnership