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Corporate Matching with UBI Spotlight

The startup game-changing newsletter

Our Corporate Matching article outlined the three categories of collaboration that UBI Global is opening for startups to meet corporate innovation seekers. After reading the Corporate Calls vs. #savetheunicorns article, you are now familiar with two of the three categories, and we’ve saved the most intriguing for last. UBI Spotlight is known as the startup game-changer, and this article will explain how corporate matching with UBI Spotlight works.

What is UBI Spotlight?

UBI Spotlight is an email newsletter delivered to the inbox of more than three hundred CVCs, VCs, and corporate innovation teams. This is no ordinary database, but a super-charged subscription-based pool of innovation hungry professionals! These corporate innovators are so switched on to the quality of the UBI Global community, they have specifically subscribed to our newsletter that includes information on startups developing technology in their areas of interest.

The Question is… What is the Question? Read the article on the methods corporate innovation seekers use to scout for startups and new technology. 

How does UBI Spotlight work?

The UBI Global Pro and Premium members nominate their best startups every quarter. The list is organized and segmented before being presented in UBI Spotlight to over 300 corporate innovation professionals in a newsletter. Each startup listing includes their logo, a two-line description, their website URL, and the contact information of the nominating business incubator or accelerator program.

Though UBI Global encourages corporate partners to contact incubators or accelerators directly if they are interested in a nominated startup, we are also happy to organize introductions between all parties, if requested. 

UBI Spotlight 2021

In early 2020, UBI Spotlight featured startups developing technology in:

– Fintech

– Healthtech

– Disruptive Technologies

– Gaming & Sports

– SaaS & Tools

– Smart Cities

– Green & Energy

As the year evolved with the pandemic, UBI Spotlight reflected the changing world with technology focused on:

– Healthtech

– Disruptive Technologies

– Green & Energy

Communications & Mobility

– SaaS & Tools

As we move into 2021, watch for announcements of this year’s UBI Spotlight topics!

How do I participate in the UBI Spotlight?

Nominating great startups for UBI Spotlight is an activity available with Pro and Premium membership levels. Pro level members can nominate up to 5 startups every quarter while Premium level members can nominate up to 20 startups per quarter. See the UBI Spotlight member page and nomination link here

Not a member of UBI Global? Read the ultimate UBI Global membership guide to determine if you’re a Community, Pro, or Premium Member!

Corporate innovation seekers, VCs, CVCs, and others seeking innovation are welcome to subscribe to UBI Spotlight for FREE! There is no commitment other than being actively engaged with our community to remain on the UBI Spotlight recipient list. Being actively engaged with the UBI Global community means contacting us for more information on the startups in UBI Spotlight, talking with our team about your corporate innovation goals, or otherwise showing interest in our members and their startups. Sign up to receive UBI Spotlight by subscribing using the link here.

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