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What We Are Looking For

Startups and innovation in the following areas:

_»_Leak detection and/or repair in potable water supply

_»_In-line and continuous water quality monitoring to improve
_»_safety and efficiency

_»_Smart Water Management technologies of interest to building owners,
_»_i.e. water recycling/reuse systems, water monitoring/saving systems

_»_Rain and stormwater management systems

_»_Access to potable water for underserved populations (social
_»_entrepreneurs welcome)

_»_Disruptive technology and unique, fast-moving
_»_startups in smarter water management


July 31, 2021

Our Experience

Recent first acquisition of Kando, see:

See Aliaxis Ventures:

How We Will Work With You

Co-development of product, investment, partnership opportunities.

Strategic area water supply development with the right opportunity and founder.

Area of Interest

Sector & Industries

  • WaterTech


  • Automation
  • Internet of things
  • New materials
  • Remote sensing (RS)
  • Robots with sensing

Development Stages

Startups that are scaling and/or becoming established

Geographic Reach




July 31, 2021

Who We Are

Aliaxis is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of advanced plastic piping systems to the infrastructure, construction, and industrial markets.

Aliaxis Ventures is the Corporate Venture Capital arm of Aliaxis that invests in and forms partnerships with innovative WaterTech startups and companies.

What We Do

We provide people around the world with sustainable innovative solutions for water and energy, leading the industry in a way that anticipates the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.

About Us

Aliaxis Group S.A. / N.V.
Avenue Arnaud Fraiteur 15-23
1050 Brussels



Community Members – 1 startup
Pro Members – Up to 5 startups
Premium Members – Up to 20 startups