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Phase Shifting Materials

What We Are Looking For

An EU-based, fast-moving consumer goods company is seeking startups developing phase shifting/phase changing (e.g. barocaloric, elastocaloric, mechanocaloric, etc.) materials in order to discover the manufacturability, the applicability, and the shortcomings of such materials for potential use in consumer products.

The desired outcome is the identification of material and the exploration of a functional prototype that can demonstrate a substantial change in phase (e.g. temperature – hot/cold, color, etc.) achieved by mechanical pressure, heat, or other stimuli that can be generated by a human.

Our Technical Specification

Phase-shifting materials like barocaloric materials change their specific state (e.g. temperature) when subjected to external stimuli (e.g. physical pressure). For example, a newly discovered solid-state plastic material that cools dramatically with the application of a small amount of pressure at room temperature.

The corporate partner is seeking startup companies developing phase-shifting materials in order to:

_»_Identify an appropriate material for consumer product development
_»_Explore a functional prototype
_»_Development of a material that demonstrates a substantial temperature
_»_change under manual pressure with no external assistance

In addition to startups that identify directly with the project, i.e. barocaloric materials for consumer product manufacturing, startups developing related technologies that have the capacity, expertise, and knowledge to execute proof-of-concept prototypes related to the scope of the project should also be nominated.

The startup must have the means (e.g. equipment, personnel) to deliver the requirements of the project scope including the execution of feasibility studies within the application of consumer products.


November 27, 2020

Our Experience

This multinational company has had previous great success with startup collaboration.

How We Will Work With You

Develop Proof of Concept (PoC) with the selected Startups. Project completion within 2-4 months from kick-off date, including comprehensive technical report.

Area of Interest

Sector & Industries

  • Consumer Products
  • Materials & Manufacturing
  • Specialty products


  • Barocaloric materials
  • New materials
  • Phase-shifting materials

Development Stage

_»_Early Stage (POC, MVP)

All stages considered as long as they are able to execute the project scope.

Geographic Reach

Europe, Worldwide



November 27, 2020

Who We Are

This potential corporate partner is based in the EU and is a fast-moving consumer goods company. They are a world leader in their sector and have an incredible history, employ thousands of people worldwide, and consistently report several billion in annual revenue.

What We Do

Manufacturer of consumer products.

About Us

The company headquarters are located in Europe.



Community Members – 1 startup
Pro Members – Up to 5 startups
Premium Members – Up to 20 startups