Fortune 500 Company - Future Technology Center

Supporting Early Stage Tech

What We are Looking For

Early-stage Disruptors focused on:

_»_Mixed Reality VR|AR|XR
_»_Gaming, Social Engagement, Metaverse, Future of Work

_»_AI and Machine Learning
_»_Human Behavior, Fintech, Life Science, Robotics

_»_Decentralized Networks
_»_Next-Gen Blockchain (Layer 2, Ethereum, Zero Knowledge Proof, etc)
_»_Digital Identity, Non-Fungible Tokens

_»_Disruptive FinTech
_»_Programmable Money, Embedded Financial Services (beyond Open
_»_Finance), Alternative Digital Assets (beyond Bitcoin)


June 30, 2021

Our Experience

As a Fortune 500 Company, we share our research, experiments, and concepts with our colleagues to inspire scalable solutions, encourage innovation, and support new business ideas. We are researching the company of tomorrow by identifying emerging technologies, business, and human behavioral solutions that may impact future society. Through collaboration, by building and testing proofs of concepts, we want to work with great founders that are passionate about solving tomorrow’s problems.

How We Will Work With You




We would like to offer services and resources in the shape of mentoring, software development, product and project resources, plus, in some cases, funding for initiatives that are mutually beneficial.


Area of Interest

Sector & Industries

  • DigitalTech
  • FinTech
  • Security
  • Wellness


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Deep tech
  • Distributed ledger technology
  • Machine learning
  • Quantum computing
  • Virtual reality

Development Stages

Early Stage

Geographic Reach




June 30, 2021

Who We Are

A Future Innovation Technology Center at a Fortune 500 Company. We develop and bring new capabilities and products to scale, building effective tools and systems that support millions of individual and institutional customers. Our program serves to investigate disruptive next generational technology by applying effective resources to collaborate with innovative startups.

What We Do

Our research and development teams evaluate and track important trends in technology and demographics and identify those that will matter most to the company over the next five years. Our Technology Center has extensive resources that look to apply investigative primary research into identifying those trends that matter most over the next 5-10 year horizon. We test and validate nascent technologies long before they reach the public eye, placing our brand value behind great founders that allow us to learn from their innovative concepts.

About Us

Future Technology Innovation Center
At a Fortune 500 Company
Located in the USA, Ireland, India, and China


Community Members – 1 startup
Pro Members – Up to 5 startups
Premium Members – Up to 20 startups