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Digital Handwriting

What We Are Looking For

There is something magical about putting pen to paper, and we want to capture that user experience and scale it to the digital world to enhance productivity in a whole new way.

Based on current market conditions, existing technology, and consumer/user response, we feel that the best development will include:

_»_UX action and feel as good or better than pen to paper

_»_Cost conscious consumer-friendly for all demographics

_»_Simplified plug-n-play, no extra components or steps for sharing or storing

Our Technical Specification

Our company is seeking collaboration with great innovative researchers, founders, and entrepreneurs developing devices in and around:

_»_Sensor technology motion and pressure capture and mapping

_»_Pressure capture, mapping, and digitization

_»_Biometric human characteristics

_»_Biodata capturing

_»_Deep learning consolidation

_»_Sensor and biometrics analysis


July 1, 2021

Our Experience

This multinational company is a powerful partner seeking to add value as they continue their successful collaboration with startup companies bringing amazing innovation to consumers around the world.

How We Will Work With You

We want to add value through collaboration with innovators in this space to enhance our current research and ultimately delight consumers with a positive impact on their lives. In turn, we offer the power of our brand to the right founders and entrepreneurs with expertise in this technology through an opportunity for co-development, equity participation and suppler relationship.

Area of Interest

Sector & Industries

  • Consumer Products
  • DigitalTech
  • EdTech
  • Gaming
  • Hardware


  • Digitalization
  • Internet of things
  • Machine learning

Development Stage

Early, Acceleration, Growth, Concept & Research Stage

Geographic Reach

Europe, United States, Worldwide


July 1, 2021

Who We Are

We are an EU- and US-based potential corporate partner with an international footprint in sales and employment, strong brand awareness, and a long history, commercialization capabilities cross-channels and different product lines targeting a variety of consumer groups. We aim to offer smart products that make an impact in people’s life. We consistently secure several billion in annual revenue.

What We Do

We strive to offer consumer-centric innovations and to have our quality products available to all consumers across the globe.

About Us

The company headquarters are located in Europe and in the United States.



Community Members – 1 startup
Pro Members – Up to 5 startups
Premium Members – Up to 20 startups