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Corporation Meets Startup!

UBI Global Matches Corporations to Programs in our Global Community and their Startups!

This is how YOUR program can participate!

From boosting brand awareness to creating new innovation ecosystems, corporations seek innovative startup partnerships for many reasons. UBI Global is a regular facilitator for corporate innovation teams, using our expert methodology to find the most impactful matches for valued corporate partners.

The question is what is the question? How do corporations seek startups? Why is the UBI Global community so successful with matching startups to corporate partners? Read more.

It’s a new day. With the onset of a global pandemic, every part of the business world changed – rapidly. The UBI Global community is changing too, an evolution built on a benchmarked foundation of solid business practices and experience leading through times of challenge and change. For UBI Global, now is the opportunity to offer an enhanced, active Corporate Matching Program. This article outlines how a corporation meets startup through UBI Global Corporate Matching.

Corporate Matching by UBI Global

Our philosophy is simple; match corporate opportunities with startups around the world that are developing products, platforms, or services to form an impactful match between the two. With the new business climate, achieving this is even more results-driven for corporate innovation teams than ever before. To achieve the maximum impact on both sides, UBI Global has three main categories for Corporate Matching: Corporate Calls, #savetheunicorns, and UBI Spotlight.

Corporate Calls

Announced to our community as a ‘corporate call for startups’, corporate calls are driven by the corporate partner. Typically, these opportunities have definite criteria and technical specifications. Often, our corporate partner will choose to remain anonymous to save startups from intimidation or prevent competitors from swooping in. 

Read more about corporate matching with UBI Global and the amazing results in this Innovation Intelligence download, 7 Case Studies with UBI Global.

How can I nominate a startup?

Click the Corporate Matching link at the top of the UBI Global homepage and scroll down to see the Corporate Calls available, which appear in color (in dramatic black and white, you’ll find the #SaveTheUnicorns events). Click on the opportunity that you have a match for and 1.) tell us which opportunity you are applying for, then 2.) what level of membership you have, and 3.) enter the startup name, website, and email. Complete the information about your program and that’s it!

Who can nominate a startup?

Nominations to Corporate Calls are scaled according to membership level. Community members can nominate one startup per corporate call, while Pro members can nominate up to five and Premium are able to nominate twenty startups. This is the basic membership level and it’s totally free to be a Community member. 

Click here to sign up your program as a UBI Global Member – it’s fast and easy, and the Community membership level is FREE!


UBI Global members include more than 1,200 business incubators and accelerators located in over 90 countries worldwide. Membership in UBI Global is at the program level rather than a single individual. Programs must meet UBI Global’s criteria to qualify as a business incubator or accelerator and membership cannot be applied for by individuals. Though our members are sometimes run and/or funded by universities and corporations, these “parent” entities are not eligible for membership, but they are eligible for partnership, sponsorship, and other opportunities within our community.

What is #savetheunicorns?

In comparison, this program is more informal than Corporate Calls. The #savetheunicorns program sprang to life out of a need to make matches faster and easier between corporate partners and our community. Opportunities classified as #savetheunicorns are often directly linked to the corporate partner, not involving UBI Global beyond alerting our membership. Read more about the #savetheunicorns program in this article.

How can I nominate a startup?

From the Corporate Matchmaking landing page (find the link at the top of the homepage of the UBI Global website), scroll down to see the #savetheunicorns available, which appear in black and white. Click on the opportunity that you have a match for and 1.) tell us which opportunity you are applying for, then 2.) what level of membership you have, and 3.) enter the startup name, website, and email. Complete the information about your program and that’s it!

Who can nominate a startup?

Any UBI Global member of any level can nominate themselves or as many of their startups as they wish for programs classified as #savetheunicorns!

UBI Spotlight

Like UBI Insights, the community newsletter, UBI Spotlight is a newsletter about our community that speaks to potential corporate partners about our innovation intelligence community of incubators and accelerators and their startups. Past editions of UBI Spotlight has provided news of startups in our community focused on:

  • Fintech
  • Healthtech
  • Gaming & Sports
  • Smart Cities

. Future editions will include information on fresh, amazing startups ready for partnership  in:

  • Fintech
  • Healthtech
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Green & Energy
  • Communications & Mobility
  • SaaS & Tools

How can I nominate a startup?

Follow this link to nominate startups for the next editions of UBI Spotlight! First, you will need to identify your membership level, then fill in your contact information. Then you will need to fill in the startup name, website, email, and industry sector along with the technology(ies) they are developing.

Who can nominate a startup?

UBI Spotlight is limited to submissions from members who are at the Pro and Premium levels only. It’s easy to upgrade your membership if you want to participate in UBI Spotlight – just visit the Membership page here.

But Wait! There’s More

This article gave the basics of Corporate Matching with UBI Global and how members of our community are able to participate. Keep in mind that each corporate partner and opportunity is different, and we will accommodate just about any reasonable requirement or request. 

For this reason, there may be subtle differences in what was described here. For instance, there is a #savetheunicorns partner that relies on UBI Global to gather the startup nominations on their behalf rather than provide a direct link, which we are happy to accommodate!

No matter your location, membership level, or corporate requirements, UBI Global has a match for you! Just navigate to the Corporate Matching webpage at the top menu bar and let’s get matching! 

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