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Easy Way to Gain New Audiences: Activate Customer Reach

Discovering an Untapped Market

Corporate Case Studies to Activate your Innovation

Reach would-be customers. Gain their loyalty. Achieve growth. Sounds simple.

In reality, many companies get stuck on the first step. They deploy many tactics to reach potential customers, many of them digital. What can a company do to reach more potential customers when it feels it has done all it can to “spread the word” online (and even off)? This is where Activate Customer Reach comes in.

It is an important aspect of the discussion in our latest installment of our Insight Series. Easy Ways to Gain New Audiences – Activate Customer Reach is available for download cost-free. The report discusses seven cases of how corporations got innovative in their thinking, focus, and activities.

Expanding Customer Reach

We see that companies look to uncover new potential customer segments. In doing so they explore new channels to reach new people. In our Lessons in Corporate Innovation report, we focus on three forward-thinking companies who targeted startups as an untapped potential customer segment. And why not? These startups are the multinational companies of the future!

Leveraging UBI Global's channels to reach new customer segments: startupsCase study #4 of the report shines the spotlight on Hubspot, Turkish Airlines, and D’Alessio Law Firm who realized that by partnering with UBI Global, they could more easily reach a brand new set of potential customers.

By crafting offers to startups, these companies could achieve a win-win with these business leaders of the future.

Hubspot, Turkish Airlines, and D’Allessio Law Firm sponsored UBI Global studies and attended and supported its international events.

In short, these forward-thinking companies collaborated with UBI Global to tap into the innovation ecosystem.  Smart!

These companies recognized they needed to find new customers. They sought to publicize their solutions to UBI Global’s international network of business incubators and accelerators. Their aim: Reach these elusive startups and turn them, filled with growing ranks of employees, into customers for life.

Forward-Thinking Companies Develop a Win-Win

Collaborations in the Innovation Ecosystem are smart and necessaryActors in the innovation ecosystem often form strategic partnerships and develop collaborations. This is because there are so many players from the startups themselves to incubators and accelerators, government program leaders, venture capitalists, corporate research directors and others.

What’s more, activity is buzzing all over the world while interest in being part of “the next big thing” continues to grow. Turn to our Innovation Landscape From A to Z for an overview of the complex worldwide innovation ecosystem.

UBI Global believes in impactful collaborations where partners help each other grow. And especially in the case of expanding customer reach, allies amplify their effects by working together to share their channels.

In the name of this approach, UBI Global has formed a strategic partnership with Hubspot who offers digital platforms to support inbound marketing, lead nurturing, and sales. Hubspot, though UBI Global, offers member business incubators and accelerators a way to support their ambitious startups: discounted products, free services, and more.

UBI Global knows the innovation landscapeSimilar partnerships have been formed with Turkish Airlines, who sponsored a report to gain increased visibility of its travel services.

Another example of smart thinking: D’Allesio Law Firm, was a guest speaker at the World Incubation Summit in Toronto, Canada. They immediately recognized the event as a channel to introduce their legal services to startups. In specific, they help startups recruit foreign talent by obtaining the required country-specific work visas.

Download for free: Easy Ways to Gain New Audiences – Activate Customer Reach

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