Fater SpA, Procter & Gamble and Angelini Group

The incredible reason Fater SpA not only wanted startups but incubators, too

The goal

  • Cast a global net for startups developing high-absorbing, fluid-handling materials, cellulose-based or otherwise – AND/OR – find a business incubator to develop entrepreneurial energy in this field as a partner..

The approach

  • Launch a Corporate Call campaign with UBI Global seeking startups already developing technology the company needs.
  • Expand the Corporate Call to include UBI Global member incubators who have entrepreneurs ready to develop in this industry.
  • Reduce the two-year vetting and onboarding process for a startup-corporation partnership to a mere 5 weeks.

The results

  • UBI Global created a special landing page for Fater SpA with an easy-to-use form for our members to nominate themselves and/or their startups for collaboration.
  • All nominations were personally followed up by UBI Global and verified for maximum compatibility and potential partnership.