The World Benchmark Study of Business Incubators & Accelerators 2019 - 2020
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Download: The Innovation Landscape from A to Z – Glossary

The Definitive Glossary of Must-Know Concepts

The fourth installment in our Insight Series covers the terms and concepts used in the global innovation community that not everyone knows. Whether you are new to the world of business incubation or a veteran startup supporter, this glossary is a comprehensive guide of the language and terms used by peers, mentors, and others in the space.

Every industry and almost every company has an internal language of its own. Although many people in the global innovation community understand these terms, not everyone does. With the increase of startup-program-corporation partnership relationships, it is important to provide relevant technical and business terminology to the community. UBI Global is delighted to present this specialized glossary of common terms used by business incubators and accelerators, as well as client startups, and innovative companies.

This go-to resource is meant for anyone who craves a better understanding of the exciting world of invention and change. This Insight Series piece from UBI Global will become the reference guide you reach for on a daily basis and share with colleagues and friends. Get ready to immerse yourself in angels, rocket ships, bootstraps, and unicorns!

Written to promote understanding, communication, and cooperation among the global innovation community, The Innovation Landscape from A to Z – The Definitive Glossary of Must-Know Concepts is a great resource for:

  • Business incubation newbies
  • Veterans who need the latest lingo
  • Corporations who need to learn they immerse themselves in innovation


Download for free: Glossary – The Innovation Landscape from A to Z


Grouped into terms and concepts on the Landscape, the Players, the Funding, and the Performance Metrics, the glossary is the latest addition to UBI Global’s Insight series and is free to download. If you already walk the innovation walk, the Glossary will make sure you can talk the innovation talk!

This Glossary is meant to be shared, so we encourage you to do exactly that. Make it part of your information packet, publish it on your website, or hand it out during an open day. The possibilities are endless and we welcome you to share the information with anyone who expresses an interest in innovation.


The information contained in this Insights Series whitepaper is learned from the top business incubators and accelerators who participate in The World Benchmark Study. UBI Global is currently conducting the fifth edition of this gold standard research initiative that measures the impact and performance of incubators and accelerators around the world. There is still time to participate as a member of UBI Global’s interactive learning community.

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UBI Global’s interactive learning community consists of more than 700 incubators and accelerators located in over 70 countries. Our members represent over 20,000 startups worldwide. As the curator of this interactive learning community, we know innovation from A to Z! Come on and share the knowledge; download your copy of the Glossary and satisfy your craving for more information on innovation.

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