Hubspot, Turkish Airlines, D’Alession Law Firm

The best way to reach a new market share of Business Incubators, Accelerators, and their Startups

The goal

  • Reach potential new customers through direct contact with emerging startup businesses.

The approach

  • Form mutually beneficial partnerships between UBI Global community members, their startups, and the brands.
  • Create interactive, bespoke offers especially for startups to begin using the brand services.
  • Spread the word through the UBI Global community.

The results

  • Brands gained hundreds of new customers at a ground-floor level.
  • Increased brand loyalty and reputation.
  • Developed loyal relationships through the life of the startups.

The download

UBI Global and Hubspot, Turkish Airlines, D’Alession Law Firm joined forces to increase the knowledge base of global best practices by identifying top-performing organizations around the world through sponsorship of the World Benchmark Study for 2019–2020.

The innovation landscape is dynamic and multi-layered. Companies can access fresh ideas- if they understand it.

Download our report, Activate Customer Reach for an overview of how companies can get to know their innovation environments (and what they can do to get involved).

Hubspot, Turkish Airlines, and D'Allesio Law Firm are spotlighted as examples of corporations hungry for the right startup collaboration. Discussion includes how to:

  • identify business incubators
  • find ways to support innovation
  • discover channels for promotion
  • and more!