IncStart Accelerator Program

A cohort-based accelerator program designed to hel university-linked Incubation programs in their oraganizations with the goal of providing greater economic , educational, and social impact for their clients, and ultimately for their communities.


We match 15,000+ vetted university-linked startups, though a network of 700+ business incubators and accelerators in over 70 countries, to fill corporates most important future needs

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A program to accelerate Business
Incubators & Accelerators

Inc-start is a cohort-based, accelrator program designed to help university-linked incubation programs in their early-stages to jump-start their organizations with the goal of providing greater economic, educational and social impact for their clients and ultimately for their communities.

Having launched, operated and coached world class Universities based incubators and incubator ecosystems around the world the IncStart Team has learned University based incubators come in many flavours. They are inevitably part of larger ecosystems, within the academic instituion, regionally and internationally each with their own set of needs. These unique, dynamic and complex set of needs can make it very difficult to chart a path to grow a University based incubator.

Focused around a series of face-to-face workshops and using a supportive mentorship model, the IncStart Accelerator has been developed by industy experts through an international alliance between UBI in Sweden, Oulu university of Applied Science in Finland, Ryerson University in Canada, and The Pivotal Point in Canada. The group represents leading expertise in positioning, launching, monitoring and growing university-linked incubation programs.

The INCStart Accelerator program aims to help answers the following questions that many incubation programs face in the early stage

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What should a university as a partner in an incubator ecosystem be working on during each phase of growth to support that ecosystem to become a regional, national and/or international leading force?
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What support systems do an incubation program need?
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What metrics do an incubation program prioritize as KPIs?

The IncSrart Team

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Valerie Fox

innovation Consultant, Pivotal Point

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Dr. Richard Lachman

Director of Zone Learning, Ryerson University

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Dr. Blair Stevenson

Head of degree program M.Sc., Entrepreneurship Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Apply to the Program!

If you are asking the questions listed above and meet the criteria below IncStart is the best program for you.
The pilot program is currently open for applications and invites 20 individual representing incubators and accelerators from a variety of global regions interested to grow their organisation and explore the essential engredients for incubation growth and success.
Criteria pilot program
  •   You are linked to a higher education institution
      You are in your early stages: 0-2 years old
      You are already working with startup clients
      You want to grow your reach and success rate

If you are interested in this program let us know!

  • New tech jobs created


  • 759

    Millions in revenue earned
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    Millions in equity capital raised
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    Events held through I-Inc
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    Companies accessing programs or services

Program hosted by I-INC

The innovate incubate network of Canada (I-INC) is a pan-Canadian, internationally connected netowrk of high-performance university-linked accelrations and incubators. I-INC creates an ecosystem for the effecient commercialization of University based and science and technology-enabled innovation

I-INC was founded in 2014 by Ryerson University, Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) with the support of Canada Accelerator Incubator Program (CAIP), delivered by the National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), which awarded funding to best-in-class Canadian Accelerators and Incubators)

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