Incubation Impact & Network

We Map Highlight & connect the world of bussiness incubation

UBI Global is a Swedish-based data and advisory firm

We specializing in mapping, highlighting, connecting the world of business incubation

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We Work With Incubator & Accelerators

  • Universities & Research Institutes

  • Government & Policy Innovation Org.

  • Multinational Corporations

  • Investment Community

  • Incubation Associations

Our network consist of incubators & Accelerators

managed by, associated to, informally affilated with university

  • Our Members are from all over the world!

Why work with us?

We engage with business incubators, accelerators and their startups, globally

Corporate Matchmaking

We connect incubators & accelerators and their startups with international corporations, creating a win-win-win situation

International Networking

We connect incubator managers with their international peers. Not just online. We understand the power of offline events, which why we host the world incubation summit.

Performance Benchmarking

We provide comprehensive data-driven research analysis of business incubation performance based on research of over 1200 incubation programs globally

Incubation Rankings

We identify and give recognition to the best university-linked incubators & accelerators in the world who can then leverage this information to grow, gain funding and increase visibility

Who do we work with?

with actors that empowers the developent next genration entrepreneurs

Business Incubators & Accelerators

That want to become more effecient and competitive

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Multinational Corporations

That want to be matched with incubators, accelerators and their startups

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Government Innovation Agencies

That want to show and improve the incubation impact on their ecosystem

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Enabling International Connection

"UBI Global helps us bulid a network of individuals, people and incubators that we would never have access to otherwise"
Abdhullha Snobar

Director of the DMZ at Ryerson University (CAN)

Events & Interaction

A mix of online and offline opportunities to gain insights and to extend you international network

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