Results & Rankings From The World Benchmark Study 2017 - 2018
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UBI Global membership services are tailored to the needs of university-linked business incubators and accelerators that seek to become more effective, efficient, and competitive.

Simon Bond Innovation Director, The Setsquared Partnership, Southampton (i.a.)

"UBI Global has brought together the world’s university business incubators and given us a collective voice. Together, we can now speak very loudly on behalf of our client entrepreneurs, incubators, and team members."

Erik Boer Director, Amsterdam Venture LAB BV, Amsterdam

"UBI Global team, thank you for your amazing support with connecting us to our international industry peers and helping us during our business model best practices research. Your KPIs helped us sharpen our vision and trajectory."

Derrick Kotze CEO, Mlab Southern Africa

"This is a brilliant initiative. Becoming part of a larger global network is beneficial for the startup community worldwide."

Corporate Matchmaking

We connect incubators & accelerators and their startups with international corporations, creating a win-win-win situation

International Networking

We connect incubator managers with their international peers. Not just online. We understand the power of offline events, which why we host the World Incubation Summit

Performance Benchmarking

We provide comprehensive data-driven research analysis of business incubation performance based on research from over 700 incubation programs globally

Incubation Rankings

We identify and give recognition to the best university-linked incubators & accelerators in the world who can then leverage this information to grow, gain funding and increase visibility

Membership perks


Community App for incubation programs to connect and engage with their international peers, highlight their programs and startups, and access their benchmark materials and all publications.

World Benchmarks & Rankings

UBI Global's signature study provides a holistic overview of the global university-linked incubation ecosystem and a detailed assessment of incubators' and accelerators' capacity to create value for their Ecosystems, Client and Alumni Startups, and themselves.

World Incubation Summit

An invite-only summit for members of the UBI Global network. The event highlights top-performing incubation programs from around the world and provides a platform to discuss incubator and accelerator development and to disseminate incubation best-practices.

World Startup Growth Challenge

A global competition that identifies the 1,000 most promising incubated startups and matches them with corporate partners. 70+ countries, 700+ incubators and accelerators, and 30,000+ startups.

3 Step Application Process for New Members

To become part of UBI Global’s network, please tell us more about you and your organization


Select your membership level and submit application

Membership Assessment Survey

Complete a brief profile questionnaire with additional info about your incubation program

Assessment call

Schedule a short assessment call with one of our team members

World Incubation Summit

Catalyzing Impactful Collaborations

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Why should my Incubation Program join UBI Global's Member Network?

To engage with peers around the world and become more effective, efficient, and competitive! We connect you with hundreds of like-minded incubation program managers and empower you to compare your program's impact and performance to hundreds of national, regional, and international incubators and accelerators. Moreover, we promote your activities, highlight your successes, and connect you and your startups with relevant corporate partners, sponsors, and investors.

What are the main differences between free (standard) and paid (pro) membership?

Pro membership entails a more granular analysis of your impact and performance data, deeper insights, and more detailed recommendations. Moreover, pro members enjoy discounts as well as priority access to many of our initiatives, publications, and events. Finally, whenever we receive partnership, sponsorship, or investment matchmaking requests from our corporate partners we gauge interest with our pro members before engaging the entire network.

For how long is my membership valid?

Memberships are valid for two years from the end of the month in which you were accepted into the UBI Global Member Community. For instance, if you joined on January 15, 2018, your membership would be valid until January 31, 2020. Pro membership is valid for one year and billed annually. You are welcome to upgrade at any given time.

Are members required to participate in UBI Global's benchmark studies?

No. You can enjoy many of the membership benefits without participating in any of our studies. However, in order to get most value out of your membership, we strongly recommend that you participate in our research initiatives. Participation in our studies provides you with actionable insights and case-specific recommendations how to improve your program. Moreover, it empowers you to directly compare your program's impact and performance to national, regional, and international reference groups. Participation in any of our studies is voluntary and free of charge.

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