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Incubation leaders need to discuss and learn with each other and they can use UBI Global as the platform to interact, network and soft landing.

Jane Liu

Director, Innovation Incubation Center at Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung

This is a brilliant initiative. Becoming part of a larger global network is bene cial for the startup community worldwide.

Derrick Kotze

CEO, Mlab Southern Africa, Pretoria

The benchmark is an excellent instrument for our internal SWOT Analysis.

Elena Silinskaya

Business Development Director, iDealMachine, Saint Petersburg

Delighted to be a part of this initiative. Thank you for all the support.

Bhavesh Kothari

Co-founder, TheMentorprenerus, Mumbai

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the survey. We look forward to using the information to improve and plan for the delivery and evolution of our services. UBI is providing a critical service to our sector.

Ian Hand

Executive Director, SFU Venturelabs, Vancouver

We will use the UBI Global Benchmark with our local government and policymakers to develop the regional ecosystem.  

Francesca Formichini

CEO, The Hive, Ancona

The UBI benchmark is an excellent initiative that proposes and motivates the incubators to reflect on their programs and activities. It represents a great opportunity to know and learn about global standards and parameters of incubator programs.

Pablo Ignacio Peralta

Manager, FIDE - Fundación para la Incubación de Empresas, Córdoba

UBI Global team, thank you for your amazing support with connecting us to our international industry peers and helping us during our business model best practices research. Your KPIs helped us sharpen our vision and trajectory.

Erik Boer

Director, Amsterdam Venture LAB BV, Amsterdam

UBI Global has brought together the world’s university business incubators and given us a collective voice. Together, we can now speak very loudly on behalf of our client entrepreneurs, incubators, and team members.

Simon Bond

Innovation Director, The Setsquared Partnership, Southampton (i.a.)

Join our international, interactive learning community
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Be effective

You work hard to support your startups. Gain insights, tips, and best practices to boost your impact, efficiency, and ROI.

Be connected

You miss a lot when operating alone. Find peers worldwide in our interactive learning community to exchange ideas and share knowledge.

Be successful

You are key to the global innovation ecosystem. Participate in the World Benchmark Study to check your performance and gain recognition.

Be sustainable

You support and launch talented entrepreneurs. Find collaborations, corporate partners, and inspiration through our events to strengthen and grow your program.

Membership perks

UBI ConnectNEW

Our global engagement platform is new for incubators and accelerators to better enable them to connect and engage with other programs. Users populate their account with program details and can highlight their startups and feature all successes- for all members around the world to see. Information from UBI Global to each program is securely shared, too. For example, programs can easily access individual benchmark and ranking results, as well as more general publications and insights.

World Incubation Summit

Our annual, invitation-only, interactive event takes place in select locations worldwide for members of the UBI Global learning community plus participating corporations and leaders. It highlights top-performing incubation programs; shares UBI Global's insights; kicks off the World Startup Challenge; and introduces opportunities for business development.

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World Benchmarks & Rankings

Business incubators and accelerators worldwide can participate in our original research which marks performance; highlights best practices; and reveals leaders and success stories. The insights we present are comprehensive and data-driven. Results are actionable to support programs' goals for expansion, funding, and improvement.

World Startup Challenge

We are launching a unique global firestarter competition that identifies the 1,000 most promising startups in our worldwide innovation community. It matches them with corporations for rewards, investment, and mentorship. Over 700 business incubation programs worldwide represent 20,000+ startups. Each budding startup is filled with talented entrepreneurs developing exciting, new business ideas.

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Access to a comprehensive research methodology that allows for a holistic comparative assessment of university-linked business incubators and accelerators. Continuously refined in close collaboration with leading industry experts, the methodology has since been employed in multiple regional, national, and international benchmarking and ranking studies that comparatively assessed over 700 university-linked incubation programs

KPI Directory
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Publications, White Papers and Reports

Where we gather the entire network under the same roof. Rotates to different countries each year

UBI Engage - monthly magazine
IncStart - Kick-start your program!

A cohort-based accelerator program designed to help university-linked incubation programs in their early-stages to jump-start their organizations with the goal of providing greater economic, educational, and social impact for their clients, and ultimately for their communities.

UBI Benchmark
World Benchmark Study 2019-20
Bi-annual Ranking opportunity
Benchmark certificate
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World Incubation Summit 2019

Where we gather the entire network under the same roof. Rotates to different countries each year

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Startup Success Stories Vol. 2 New
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World Startup Challenge New

An international competition on ”Good Growth” to identify the 1.000 most promising startups nominated by incubator and accelerator managers in order to be matched with corporations. 70+ countries, 700+ incubators and accelerators and 30.000+ startups

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UBI Connect - The Global Engagement Platform for Innovation Hubs

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Why should my Incubation Program join UBI Global's Member Network?

To engage with peers around the world and become more effective, efficient, and competitive! We connect you with hundreds of like-minded incubation program managers and empower you to compare your program's impact and performance to hundreds of national, regional, and international incubators and accelerators. Moreover, we promote your activities, highlight your successes, and connect you and your startups with relevant corporate partners, sponsors, and investors.

What are the main differences between free (standard) and paid (pro) membership?

Pro membership entails a more granular analysis of your impact and performance data, deeper insights, and more detailed recommendations. Moreover, pro members enjoy discounts as well as priority access to many of our initiatives, publications, and events. Finally, whenever we receive partnership, sponsorship, or investment matchmaking requests from our corporate partners we gauge interest with our pro members before engaging the entire network.

For how long is my membership valid?

Memberships are valid for two years from the end of the month in which you were accepted into the UBI Global Member Community. For instance, if you joined on January 15, 2018, your membership would be valid until January 31, 2020. Pro membership is valid for one year and billed annually. You are welcome to upgrade at any given time.

Are members required to participate in UBI Global's benchmark studies?

No. You can enjoy many of the membership benefits without participating in any of our studies. However, in order to get most value out of your membership, we strongly recommend that you participate in our research initiatives. Participation in our studies provides you with actionable insights and case-specific recommendations how to improve your program. Moreover, it empowers you to directly compare your program's impact and performance to national, regional, and international reference groups. Participation in any of our studies is voluntary and free of charge.

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