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Successful Startups at University-linked Business Incubators and Accelerators – Volume 2

Discover the amazing startup stories that arise within the UBI Global member community

A look into the success stories of 122 startups from the UBI Global member network


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Format: PDF

Publication: January 2019

Pages: 57

Author: Holger Meyer, Jason Castillo

Over the course of six years, UBI Global has established a unique international community of business incubation programs- the majority of which are linked with universities and other centers of excellence. Our mission is to support our member incubators and accelerators and to enable their innovation through impactful collaborations worldwide.

To us, enabling innovation also means providing access to insights and information. Thus, as part of our activities, we recognize the community’s accomplishments and share best practices and learnings. We also celebrate success by sending positive messages to the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In this second volume of Success Stories, we focus on startup companies that have “made it”— thanks to the coaching and guidance they received from our member incubation programs. The startups that you will read about in this report have been nominated by the business incubation managers within the UBI Global interactive learning community of 1200+ incubation programs in over 90 countries. They have been chosen as excellent examples of what success can look like when there is a winning formula of great team plus product-market fit plus effective support.


The Success Stories report contains:

  • 120+ startups
  • 40+ incubation programs
  • 20 countries represented


The startups featured in this report has been provided by the business incubation managers from the UBI Global network. They have been chosen as excellent examples of how success can look like when the startups have a great team, a product market fit, and get the right help from an active incubator.