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The UBI Global World Rankings

 of Business Incubators and Accelerators

World & Regional Rankings - Released Since 2013

Developed as an output of the World Benchmark Study, the UBI Global world and regional rankings help incubation programs understand their competition and their place in the global innovation ecosystem. Through this insight, we provide a powerful tool to help programs from all over the world to become more efficient and competitive.

Our research is based on a proper representation of business incubation programs worldwide; each participant is selected, assessed, and accepted into the study. Participating programs come from over 90 countries in six geographic regions. More than 1000 business incubation programs have participated since 2013.

“Business incubators and accelerators are striving to become the standard in successfully launching innovative startups. However, their local and regional ecosystems are complex and dynamic, and their global competition is fierce. For these reasons, we pledge to provide them with the necessary tools and insights so they can overcome their challenges and build a sustainable business incubation model. Our goal is to support them in best strengthening their programs among their international peers and also launching their collection of entrepreneurs onto the global stage in the best way,” says UBI Global CCO and Co-founder, Ali Amin.

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Since 2013, UBI Global’s World Benchmark Studies
have mapped the proliferation and assessed the impact
and performance of these key actors in the global innovation ecosystem. Our research empowers participating organizations to benchmark their capacity to create value for their ecosystems, their client and alumni startups, and for themselves.

Join us as we congratulate the programs that participated in the latest World Benchmark Study, and look forward to the next iteration of the study which will commence in 2022

We study the top-ranked programs in the world

2019-2020 world cup university business incubators

2019-2020 world cup university business incubators

2019-2020 world cup university business incubators

2019-2020 world cup university business incubators

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that helps them become more efficient, sustainable, diverse, and competitive.

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