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#savetheunicorns – a startup campaign by UBI Global

Save the Unicorns! – The new innovation initiative from UBI Global and how to get involved!

There has never been a more seismic shift for the innovation community than the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Startups and the business incubators and accelerators nurturing them have experienced some huge unforeseen challenges. Corporations have had to pivot resources and personnel away from innovation and focus on survival. The new innovation initiative from UBI Global, called Save the Unicorns, is the meaningful collaboration the world needs now, and here is how to get involved.

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What is #savetheunicorns?

Save the Unicorns is a startup initiative from UBI Global with the goal of keeping innovation efforts alive around the world. Our approach is two dimensional. One, to connect the innovation community with innovation-hungry corporate partners and, two, to communicate new technologies that startups need to thrive and become unicorns as they rise to the challenge of innovating through COVID-19.

Based on a tiered fee system, Save the Unicorns is a budget-friendly, low commitment way to quickly and effectively reach a targeted market of business incubation programs, startup accelerators, and unicorns on the brink of success. When you sign up as a  #savetheunicorns-partner, UBI Global will:

  • Create a custom partner page for community communication
  • Promote you through our exclusive community channels
  • Match qualified startups directly with a direct connection to you

The UBI Global team does all the creation and promotion, while all of the startup information is driven directly to your corporate innovation team so that you can begin collaborating immediately. Test the waters with a short but sweet one-month partnership or go full-on unicorn with three months of promotion. Save the Unicorns is about driving the innovation intelligence community to your team for a mutually beneficial impact.
Why Save the Unicorns?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a large impact on startups, no matter the industry, and no matter the maturity level. Some of the best, most promising innovation is in danger of dying on the vine. At the same moment, corporations need to re-focus their innovation efforts to address a multitude of new challenges presented by the WFH culture shift, supply chain failures, and travel disruption just to name a few.

The positive activity within the UBI Global community throughout the pandemic has truly been inspiring. Our innovation intelligence community members have been even more active, and our membership has grown. The focus has shifted from benchmarking and best-practice sharing to seeking new ways to catalyze startup activity. Whether seeking venture capital or sourcing a new CRM system, business incubators and accelerators are still focused on moving forward and creating more unicorns.

This is what our community research tells us about innovation right now:

  • 55% of startups are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 75% of these startups are seeking corporate partnerships
  • 40% of all startups need partners within the next 30 days

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Who can #savetheunicorns?


The UBI Global community includes over 1,200 business incubators and accelerators located all over the world, with access to 100,000 startups and growing. The Save the Unicorns initiative from UBI Global is for corporate innovation seekers and venture capital investors. Current #savetheunicorns partners that are interacting in our unicorn-rich community include the following industries:

  • Fintech
  • Logistics
  • Travel
  • MedTech
  • AI
  • Healthcare

…and more!

Save the Unicorns is the right initiative to:

  • Seek innovation to impact the bottom line
  • Solve unique challenges due to the pandemic
  • Create opportunities for future growth
  • Gain a new, vibrant startup customer base


I want to #savetheunicorns!

Get started today as a UBI Global Save the Unicorns partner with no long-term commitment or membership required. Save the Unicorns is a pure active engagement with our global innovation community including the most exciting innovation on the planet!

Are you ready to Save the Unicorns? Get in touch with Campaign Manager, Sebastian Thomas for a free 30-minute personal assessment. Read more and join the campaign to #savetheunicorns here:

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