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Corporate Calls vs. #savetheunicorns

Three main differences to know before you nominate!

Our recent article outlined the three Corporate Matching categories that UBI Global members can participate in. These categories include Corporate Calls, #SaveTheUnicorns, and UBI Spotlight. While these two styles of opportunities might look very similar, there are three main differences between them. This article explores the differences in Corporate Calls vs. #SaveTheUnicorns and what makes each of them unique and great!

Loosely Coupled

In computer programming, ‘loosely coupled’ means individual services that don’t depend on others to move forward. In the case of corporate calls vs. #SaveTheUnicorns, it’s the best way to describe the main difference between the two programs. The #SaveTheUnicorns campaign is loosely coupled with the UBI Global framework while the Corporate Calls are not. While both are available, each has unique benefits – let’s explore.


When you click on a black and white #SaveTheUnicorns icon from the bottom of the Corporate Matching webpage, you are in unicorn land! Nominating startups in one of these opportunities will send your nomination directly to the corporate partner. From there, the corporate partner will get in touch directly with you and/or with the startup. These opportunities are loosely coupled with the UBI Global framework.

What is a ‘unicorn’? Learn key terms and innovation lingo with this free download, The Innovation Landscape from A to Z Glossary of Terms and Concepts!

Corporate Calls

In the colorful icons at the bottom of the Corporate Matching webpage, you will find Corporate Calls for startup matching opportunities. Unlike their #SaveTheUnicorns counterparts, nominations submitted to these partners are verified and vetted by the UBI Global team. Members who nominate startups will hear from us with any questions or instructions for the next steps. 

Is this always the case between corporate calls vs. #SaveTheUnicorns? No, in fact, there is a #SaveTheUnicorns partner right now asking UBI Global to collect your startup nominations for them. Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, and so do our corporate matching programs.

Support Options

While Corporate Calls for startups are opportunities for sponsorship, mentorship, and other development activities, #savetheunicorns opportunities can include offers to work with new partners who will provide a discounted service, platform, or product to help startups achieve more impressive growth results. 

The #savetheunicorns opportunities are available only to the UBI Global community and provide a path to success through the professional polish tools and resources so needed by startups, scale-ups, and even some small to medium size programs. Yes, you can #nominateyourself to #SaveTheUnicorns and access #lotsofopportunity! And, best of all, they are open to all membership levels! And speaking of that…

Membership Tiers

Levels of membership with UBI Global were explored in a recent article, which we invite you to read again. Making a stronger commitment to UBI Global involves an increase in cost, but the value that is added when increasing membership from Community to Pro or Premium is enormous, and the opportunity to nominate more startups for Corporate Matching is a huge value.

Community vs Pro vs Premium

At UBI Global, every single one of us agrees that our members are the best community of innovation-minded professionals in the world! Our business incubator and accelerator members are passionately devoted to making their local economic ecosystem great and connecting themselves with peers around the globe, which is how UBI Global helps the community thrive. 

We also provide tools like benchmarking and matching for an even greater membership experience, one that is unique to our community and not found from any other source. These tools give you great value for your membership and are constantly evolving and improving according to the needs of the global innovation ecosystem and our community. 

The UBI Global community wrote the innovation operator’s manual – download it here! Operational insights, best practices, and key takeaways from the best business incubators and accelerators in the world.

Nominations to the more interactive Corporate Calls are open for one startup per Community member, five for Pro Members, and twenty for Premium Members. Members of all levels, however, can nominate as many startups as they wish or even themselves for partnership in the #SaveTheUnicorns program.

While no community can achieve perfection, UBI Global strives to remain flexible and accommodating with our membership and our corporate partners to make more matches every day for everyone. Right-size your membership level here and let’s get matching!

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