A startup initiative to form collaborations between startups and corporate partners.

What is #SaveTheUnicorns?

#savetheunicorns is a startup initiative conducted by UBI Global to form collaborations between some of the best startups on the planet with corporate partners. The initiative aims to:
Make meaningful, collaborative matches between startups and corporations
Communicate the benefits of strategic tools that startups – and the programs nurturing them – need to survive and thrive through today’s challenging innovation ecosystem.

Who can apply for a #SaveTheUnicorns partnership opportunity?

#SaveTheUnicorns participation is open to Community, Pro, and Premium membership levels within the UBI Global innovation intelligence community.

Howdo I apply for a #saveTheUnicorns Partnership

What kind of information will I need?

This varies from corporate partner to corporate partner, but the information required is typically an initial contact form. For example, your program’s contact information, the name of the startup, and their website.

What if I’m clicking Apply to Program from the partner’s landing page?

Corporate partners are able to choose their level of involvement with #SaveTheUnicorns. After clicking Apply to Program, you will either:

Arrive at a landing page on the partner’s website that asks for more information.
See another UBI Global landing page asking for more information.

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