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Multinational Corporations

We believe in connecting the world's best performing business incubators with the most innovative international companies

Do you have the following needs?

  1. The need to have reliable data to measure the viability and potential of startups.
  2. The need for curated and validated sources of new technology to reduce investment risk.
  3. The need to understand how to attract, recruit and retain talent within the incubation ecosystem.

Our Solutions

Startup technology trends, incubation partnership facilitation, marketing & communication outreach, CSR fulfillments, sponsorship opportunities, matchmaking services, global outreach and national, regional or international events.

We gathered Global Corporations, Universities & Incubators to Stockholm, Sweden

In 2016, together with Universum group, we brought global thought leaders and strategists, to jointly shape the future of education, innovation and recruiting - with the purpose to inspire the global university incubation ecosystem to share current insights, foresee future trends, and identify challenges in the industry.

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Why is UBI Global a good partner for us?

Our knowledge, expertise and vast network within the university incubation space globally makes us a unique and attractive partner. We can provide the most comprehensive access to business incubation data & network in the world. And of course - we are from Sweden, that alone is amazing!

How can UBI Global help us find the best and most innovative startups of tomorrow?

We believe in business incubation! Since 2013, we've been benchmarking and identifying the best programs from over 70 countries. Our efforts lead us to build a network of top performing business incubators. The best incubators and accelerators attracts the best startups - it is as simple as that!

What is your business model?

We offer project based services to multinational corporations. Many of our projects are on a two-year agreement with several deliverables spread out over time. We offer advisory, reports & publications, data tools, and event sponsorships.

Who have you helped before?

We are proud partners with Cisco (U.S), Intesa Sanpaolo (Italy), Universum Group (Sweden) & Ericsson (Sweden). We've also provided incubation data and insights to A.T. Kerney, PwC, and EY.

Are you looking to invest in innovation, technology or startups?

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