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We believe that the best way to be part of the booming tech scene is by meeting those who are behind it. We organized a tour for the Future Talent Summit attendees to show them a little of the exciting Stockholm Tech Scene. On June 29th, we visited some of the best creative spaces & tech clusters in the Stockholm startup scene: THINGS Stockholm, SUP46 – Startup People of Sweden and Ericsson Studio Garage.


Our first stop was THINGS STOCKHOLM, a 2000 m2 co-working space at the KTH campus (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm for selected start-ups with focus on hardware. The startups based in this hub work in areas like Internet of Things, wearable technology, medtech, 3D scanning/printing and smart grid technologies. The members have access to unparalleled prototyping and testing capabilities and last but not least, partnerships with a number of the most successful and innovative companies in Sweden.

Our host, Pär Hedberg from STING, talked about their world-class incubation programs and discussed best-practices with the audience. 

The second stop was at one of Europe’s leading startup hubs: SUP46 – Startup People of Sweden. Located in the heart of Stockholm,he 5th city in the world with most start-ups, it is a natural meeting place for the startup community and home to more than 50 blooming companies. 

Only the most exciting and innovative startups, mainly within Internet, mobile, media and gaming, are accepted as members. Michael Weinstock talked about the Swedish start-up scene & its unicorns, such as Spotify, Skype, King, Klarna and Mojang.

Our guests had the chance the experience the famous Swedish fika at the Start-up Café and play a little fussball before heading to the final stop.

Innovations are what the future is built on. Originally started as a telegraph equipment repair shop in 1876 by Lars Magnus Ericsson, Ericsson has grown to over 104,000 employees worldwide. On our way to Ericsson Studio Garage, our tour guides shared with us the company’s story and some fun facts… that’s what the first mobile phone looked like!

Ericsson Studio is an all-in-one educational, collaborative, engaging and innovative space where we could see and experience Ericsson’s capabilities and expertise.

Sandór Albrecht introduced us to the Ericsson Garage, which is space created to improve capability to develop innovative ideas. It acts as an incubator for innovations in areas adjacent to current research and business. Ericsson is a Swedish company known worldwide for its mobile technology and networks, and remains at the cutting edge due to the company’s approach to innovation, which involves strong partnerships with various universities and research institutions around the world. 

It was then time to say goodbye to the Future Talent Summit guests from across the globe… we enjoyed organizing the tour and  being able to give an overview of the #STHLMTECH scene!
Last but not least, we’d like to thank our hosts, THINGS Stockholm, SUP46 – Startup People of Sweden and Ericsson, for opening their doors to us!

To access the photos from the tour, click here.


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