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The exciting reasons UBI Global is going On Tour


This November, UBI Global is going On Tour, thanks to collaboration with the Silicon Valley Forum. In addition to our signature event, the World Incubation Summit, we are holding an exclusive, members-only road show. Why are we going on tour? You might be surprised to learn the reasons…

1. Our members

Obviously, our number one reason for holding UBI On Tour is you, a valued member of UBI Global, and how important it is to give you access to special networking events. To maximize the opportunity, UBI On Tour is being kept exclusive, with a limited sign-up of only 2 people from each incubation program. Why? The total number of attendees is limited to only 25 people to give those that join us greatest benefit. That’s right – only 25 people will have access to some of the most important corporate innovators in Silicon Valley during UBI On Tour.

Some may think that we are being too exclusive, but we believe that part of the value of UBI On Tour is that it is intimate. You have sat in an auditorium for slideshow presentations, listening to an impressive speaker, but knowing that you could only hope to connect with them in person. Why would that excite you? UBI On Tour is a different kind of event, where attendees are more than just audience members. Participating in UBI On Tour guarantees intensive and effective networking opportunities for ambitious incubation programs and potential corporate partners eager to connect.

2. The location

Silicon Valley may be quite far from us here in Stockholm, Sweden, but only in miles. Our mutual way of thinking is as close as you can possibly get. Silicon Valley is the world’s hub of technology innovation. Home to 39 of the Fortune 1000 businesses, Silicon Valley is also rich in startup companies.  Accounting for one-third of all US venture capital, Silicon Valley is the perfect location for UBI On Tour.

Located in the beautiful southern San Francisco Bay area of Northern California, the valley originally got its name from the large number of innovators that settled there to make silicon chips for the high-tech industries in the region. The term Silicon Valley is now synonymous with the American high-tech economic sector. Because of this long-standing reputation, Silicon Valley has a robust startup community, including a wealth of eager investors.

3. Our Hosts

Silicon Valley Forum is UBI Global’s partner and host for the On Tour event. SVF has a long history of facilitating resources, connections and information to entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. A perfect UBI On Tour partner, Silicon Valley Forum has a proven track record of hosting impactful events for startups, incubation programs and their corporate partners. UBI Global is eager for our members to experience the excitement of the SVF hub of innovation.

SVF has a solid history of holding pitch events with incubation programs around the world in order to put them in front of the most important Silicon Valley investors. Their success stories include Taiwan Stadium, Startup Brazil, NEDO Japan and the Canadian Technology Accelerator, just to name a few. For more facts about our hosts, see their website here. For an inspiring story of NEDO Japan, as hosted by SVF:

Registration ends September 1    

Sign up today to reserve your place at UBI On Tour. This will be our most exclusive networking event for incubators and corporates this year. We will send you event updates and exciting details as speakers and topics are announced. Registration is limited to 2 participants per incubation program and a maximum of 25 attendees total.

As it is a first come, first served event, register today to avoid disappointment. Just a $200 deposit secures your place at UBI On Tour this November! You cannot afford to miss such an exciting opportunity to be up close and personal with a room of high-profile corporate innovators and game changers. For more information, please contact Telma at

                                                                                                    * Preliminary partners


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