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UBI Global Says Good-Bye to an Old Friend

UBI Connect is ending as we announce a new hub of tools and services developed by our team especially for you.

Announcing ‘the end’ of something is never fun or easy, but in this case, there really is a lot to look forward to. While this month marks the end of UBI Connect, the communication platform that we have all come to know and love, we are excited to welcome new technology to activate your innovation. Developed by our team especially for you, the business incubators and accelerators that make up our global innovation intelligence community, this new hub will transform the way innovation happens around the world.

Out with the old

As of August 23, 2021, UBI Connect will close for good. UBI Connect served us all well as we shared news, information, reports, tools, and conversations as a member platform. The good news is that all the great features and experiences we had on UBI Connect will be even better as part of the new Global Innovation Studios hub of tools and services. For now, we are pausing the community ‘connect’ activity as we put the finishing touches on the new hub.

Connect another way

During the pause between UBI Connect and the new platform, the UBI Global team wants to offer the following options for our members to communicate with us and with each other. Here’s how:

To share a news item, event announcement, or other activity with the community:

          Email [email protected] to be included in UBI Insights or on our social media

To download a report or past edition of UBI Insights:

          Go to the UBI Global publications webpage to download free reports; contact us for other reports or UBI Insights

To read the latest news about UBI Global and its benefits to you and your startups like corporate matching opportunities, partnerships, and more:

          Make sure you’re signed up for UBI Insights, the monthly member newsletter. Haven’t received it or opted out by accident? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll reconnect you.

Now for something completely different

Here is some news to get excited about! The UBI Global team has been hard at work this year to conceptualize, develop, and produce a new, modular hub of tools for our community. The planned release is set for October, and we can’t wait for you to take Global Innovation Studios for a spin.

Meet the studios

UBI Global has created Global Innovation Studios, the future insights, best practices, corporate matching platform for startup programs globally. Global Innovation Studios is a hub of tools and services designed for business incubators and accelerators. Our eight years of knowledge and experience have led us here. We’ve learned from the five (six in 2022) iterations of the World Benchmark Study, countless micro- and macro-studies of innovation, and forming collaborations between the world’s largest corporations and you and your startups and developed a whole new set of tools. We can’t wait for you to continue the journey with us.

What’s next?

After UBI Connect closes on August 23, expect to hear more from us via email and our social media channels on the next steps to start using the Global Innovation Studios hub for business incubators and accelerators. Meanwhile, we have a study to conduct and Expo2020 Dubai to attend! Learn more about those activities below, and feel free to ask us any questions you have about UBI Connect, Global Innovation Studios, and our next innovation adventure together.

Triumph of Innovation

Join UBI Global as we examine the transformative year in innovation with the Triumph of Innovation impact study. This new study will identify success within the global innovation ecosystem despite the immense challenges brought on by the pandemic in 2020. By celebrating the transformations made in the global innovation ecosystem, the results of the study will highlight the triumph of innovation.

Read more and apply to participate in the exciting new Triumph of Innovation 2021 study here!

This December, UBI Global will hold a special event to release the Triumph of Innovation Report and announce the awards for the most impactful success stories at Expo 2020 Dubai. The UBI Global event will take place both in-person and virtual to accommodate our global community and tickets will be by invitation only. Expo 2020 is a sponsor of the Triumph of Innovation study. Read more about the Expo here.

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