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The Ultimate UBI Global Membership Guide

How to make the most out of the UBI Global innovation intelligence community

We’ve all been there – you join a gym or online group and it goes okay. But it’s not great. You feel like you should be more actively involved and reaping more of the benefits. It makes sense, but it can be overwhelming to jump in and investigate all that the group has to offer. We understand, so let’s not let that be your experience here! This article explains how to receive the maximum return from UBI Global membership and which level is right for your program.

What are the UBI Global membership levels?

Our community is among the best in the world at networking, benchmarking, and innovation. UBI Global members are responsible for some of the most impactful innovation on the planet – and we think that our services have made a significant contribution to this success. We know that not all members have the same resources and requirements, so we have right-sized our membership levels accordingly.

Community Membership

This level of membership is a great starting point to get to know the UBI Global community and all of the resources on offer, and it’s incredibly easy because it’s free! UBI Global membership at the Community level provides access to peer business incubators and accelerators around the world for engagement and collaboration as well as one startup nomination in the corporate matching program.

Community Membership benefits:

  • UBI Connect platform to share events, news, and other information with peers
  • UBI Insights monthly newsletter
  • UBI Partners program, tools, and services
  • UBI Publications including the World Benchmark Study, World Rankings, Best Practices, and more
  • UBI Corporate Matching for one startup

Pro Membership

This is the first paid tier of membership to the UBI Global community. To turn up the volume on engagement, benchmarking, and matching, Pro Membership offers huge benefits that go beyond joining for free. This level of membership is eligible for discounts on impactful networking events, granular assessment through the world-famous UBI Global benchmark study, and perhaps the most timely benefit – corporate matching.

Pro Membership includes the not-so-hidden gem of being able to match up to five startups per quarter with participating corporate partners. These startups can be graduates, scale-ups, or just getting traction – as long as they suit the individual corporate criteria, they are in!

So, to recap, the Pro Membership level includes:

  • More UBI Connect
  • Deeper Benchmarking, Ranking, Scorecards, and more
  • Library of insightful publications
  • Corporate Matching
  • Startup Promotion

Premium Membership

Premium Membership Level is the second tier of paid membership and the highest engagement offered by UBI Global to date. The Premium level includes all the great resources and engagement of the other membership levels, AND it goes even further. Deeper discounts, more impactful engagement, and the opportunity to include your program’s best and brightest startups for the corporate world to see.

Premium Members have the power to match as many as 20 startups per quarter through the Corporate Matching program. Premium Members are also able to participate in the bi-weekly startup promotional program that reaches more than 300 CVCs, VCs, and corporations seeking innovative partnerships. Premium Members enjoy more access to resources that improve their programs, increase the success of their startups, and provide evergreen benefits and opportunities to their innovation ecosystem.

UBI Global member programs that participate in the World Benchmark Study have demonstrated a very important trait; their startups are more successful. With a 5-year average survival rate of 59 percent, UBI Global member programs outperform non-incubated startups by 15 percentage points. The programs in the study supported ventures with over $3.2 billion in sales over the past five years.

Corporate Matching

In our experience, when times get tough, that’s the time to innovate! Through our Corporate Matching programs and the #savetheunicorns-initiative, we are encouraging our community to do exactly that – and providing a conduit to new partnerships. 

Corporate matching with UBI Global takes the hunt-and-gather process out of the search for impactful collaboration – on both sides of innovation. UBI Global is facilitating impactful collaboration between startups, incubators, accelerators, and corporate partners every day. 

Our approach involves outreach and promotion on both sides of our community. We provide direct links to corporate partners seeking startups with a specific focus, technology, or criteria. At the same time, we reach out to our Pro and Premium members to provide the details of their best and brightest startups and alert potential partners, mentors, and funding sources.

UBI Global achieves maximum impact when matching corporate partners with amazing startup companies! Click here and see some of the opportunities available to our members.

Who can join UBI Global?

UBI Global members include more than 1,200 business incubators and accelerators located in over 90 countries worldwide. Membership in UBI Global is at the program level rather than a single individual. Programs must meet UBI Global’s criteria to qualify as a business incubator or accelerator and membership cannot be applied for by individuals. Though our members are sometimes run and/or funded by universities and corporations, these “parent” entities are not eligible for membership, but they are eligible for partnership, sponsorship, and other opportunities within our community.

Which membership?

While the Community level gives great access to all UBI Global and our innovation intelligence community has to offer, Pro is definitely a game-changer when it comes to engagement, while the most meaningful impact to programs can be found with a Premium membership. However, considering today’s challenges, the only recommendation we can objectively make is that you get involved as soon as possible. Sign up for Community, Pro, or Premium level membership and activate your innovation.

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